When you work together, in a Nicaragua soccer game, you win!

There was a soccer match being played in a “gym” sort of structure that was on my way back to the hotel I am staying at.  I thought I’d stop in and see what the people were cheering about, and to see if the game appealed to me.

I am not much of a fan of soccer. It is normally played on a large field, and it is a very slow-moving sport.

This type of soccer game is quick and fast. Much more enjoyable to me, and the action was fun to watch. It’s played on a concrete surface, and the size of the playing field is smaller than a basketball court. It is fast and furious.

Foot work, and understanding what your team mates are doing is paramount to scoring points. If your team relies on individual performance, you are going to lose.

soccer prayer

They prayed but had no chance

the players

The guys in blue played as a team - and won the game

For me, it was really enjoyable.

You could tell from the beginning the guys in blue were playing as a team, leading each other when passing and waiting for the right times to shoot the ball.

Within the first 20 minutes they scored 3 times.

I realized, while sitting there watching this team work together, how poorly I have done with this website building stuff.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time on webanswers. I find it extremely interesting to read responses to questions about politics, jobs, and business. I make a bit of money on it, but not much.

I find that my best place so far for making money is examiner.com. For some reason, I received over 6,000 hits from all sorts of areas in China. I actually received two payouts from examiner.com. So, I can actually say I am a paid writer.

Then there is hubpages.com. I’ve had over 2500 views of my articles on that particular site, though very little money from adsense or kontera. I’ve made more from webanswers, which is probably why I’ve spent the time on the site.

Why can I not put these things together and work them as the soccer team did with its players?

Maybe because I had not managed to come up with  a message to convey.

Well, here is the message – move out of the U.S.A.

As Simon Black wrote, “Young people of the world, get ready to grab your ankles”.

The governments of the west will have no choice but to tax the living daylights out of you. It is not the big businesses that are heading towards big tax increases, the average citizen will bear the burden of that!

Don’t believe me?

Just look who got the help the last time the economy tanked.

Older folks, prices are going up, and your house value is flat or going down.

Social Security and Medicare are both broke.

The government is broke, the states are broke, and the cities are broke.

If you are happy with the way things are in the USA, and your tax dollars supporting what is going on, please just ignore this post.

If it bugs you, and you realize time should be spent on  yourself vs. fighting the powers that be, start thinking outside the box.

That is I want readers to understand – think outside the box, think international. Think and believe that there are opportunities available down south of the USA.

Know how to train people on computers? Start a school in a Central American country.

Know how to get a small electrical grid going for people without electricity? Man, there are a lot of spots in Central America that could use your skills.

Know farming – lots of inexpensive land available that is not used year round because of lack of irrigation skills. You could be self sufficient down here within 1 year.

I am going to be spending more time talking to people down here that are actually making a living by having a business down here. That, to me, is the most interesting thing.

As Robert Dale, who owns the only micro brewery in Honduras, told me, “I wanted to follow the American Dream. Build something with my own hands. Thus, D & D Brewery was built”

“I did it, but it was just not in America. Didn’t like the looks of the way the country was heading, and decided to pursue my dream somewhere else.”

Robert Dale is a smart man. He figured out years ago that the bubble was about to burst. Now he has a hotel, a micro brewery, is involved in the local community and really seems to enjoy his life.

It is possible.

So, that’s the message.

Now, if I can follow the soccer teams example. Have my examiner.com articles lead to The Big Mozey message. Give examples and connect the two, at the “right time to take the shot”.

Do the same with hubpages.com and webanswers. Have them lead into the message from The Big Mozey.

Put it all together as a “team” concept, to convey the message.

That is what I got out of watching the soccer game this afternoon. Make all the writing connect to the message.

For the reader of the blog, look around, read between the lines. Where is your best opportunity to work on “your team” ideas?

Cheers for now.

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3 Responses to When you work together, in a Nicaragua soccer game, you win!

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  2. silverboom says:

    Good write-up, dude. A message/theme is muy importante, as they would say south of the border.

    Delivering an on-going opinion about getting out of the USA with Central America as a destination, backed up by providing stories and examples of how it is possible to do it, would make for a very compelling and interesting read. You might even build a following!

    For example, I subscribe to and read International Living. I know I will never do it, but it is something I like to, shall we say, fantasize about. So it feeds a part of my imagination, while reminding me of how dicey things are getting in the USA.

    So now go do it!!!

  3. That is so cool! They have indoor soccer in the States, but nothing like that. I want to visit there now!

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