Traveling slow – sometimes, not by choice.

Well, I like this traveling slow stuff. Except when it’s not by my choice.

Got held up at the border with an old permit on the Toyota I brought into Mexico 2010. It seems I missed the concept of canceling the permit once I was leaving Mexico. Muy importante, folks, if you drive a car into Mexico.

If you forget to cancel the permit, it stays with your passport number and it’s a bit of a hassle to get it canceled. Banjercito issues the permit, but if you do not cancel it, then SAT customs comes into the picture.

You have to send a form in – and it’s a form that’s not easy to get. Most SAT workers are not aware of it.

When I hit the check point outside of Juarez, the official from Banjercito told me I’d never be able to bring another car into Mexico. It was just fun and games!

If you’re interested in car permits and the procedure one has to go through to get an old one canceled and then get a new one, read my article about it on

The article explains the procedure to follow to cancel an old permit and the form that is needed. Bajercito told me it would take about 2 weeks, I figured double that. I was correct.

So, while waiting for the one permit to be canceled and get issued a new permit, I hung out in Ciudad Juarez for a month. Unless you’re into bars and hookers, there’s really is not much to do in the city.

Discotheques on Lincoln Street are hangouts for hookers, the fast lane followers, and the drug lords. The club owners basically have to pay off the drug lords and local officials – be it the police or the politicians.

If they don’t, harassment can be in the form of shaking down their clients, to murder and arson.

So, being an old fart of 62, I thought I’d pass on that fun.

What happened was, I got tired of Ciudad Juarez. I figured if I kept close to the border, I could probably drive without too much hassle. I drove east, and ended up spending a week in Agua Prieta. Just another border town, much smaller than Ciudad Juarez. Same gig though – hookers and bars. Not much else to do.

This is where I finally got my old permit canceled – funny, funny – it was canceled the Friday before I left Ciudad Juarez. If I would have stayed 2 more days, I would have gotten that information, and headed down to Chihuahua instead of Agua Prieta. (In English it means “Brown Water) Oh well, no particular place to be, and plenty of time to get there.

Didn’t really take that many pictures in Ciudad Juarez. There was a Mexican band by the name of Grupo Franja Fronteriza that played American songs, which I though was a hoot. Singing songs with an accent. They gave it their loving touch, and came out with these songs:

Of course, the first ones in Spanish – one of the few Spanish songs they sang!

Then, the big hit – You Belong to Me

The single – Somebody Help Me

Then the the really big one – “Hang on Snoopy” – the Mexican version.

This was really the highlight for me in Ciudad Jaurez – give you some idea what I thought of the town?

And then I rolled into Agua Prieta – booked a hotel for a week, paid in full.

Two days later, I find I can get to traveling, but I decide to spend the rest of the week in my paid for hotel room.

Highlight here was a baseball tournament – for what prize or bragging rights – I have no idea.

But, sat and watched a game – tried out my camera – still have a lot to learn about it’s features.

The big pictures from Agua Prieta follow:


One of the few hits by this blue team the whole night

They had city officials there, played the Mexican national song, gave some speeches, real exciting stuff for someone who understands little of the Spanish language. But, hey, everyone seemed to be having a good time!

good time

Players and fans have good times at baseball game

This pitcher for the red team was just blowing ’em by the blue team. Blue team was behind 6 runs by the 4th inning.


This guy was good, or the blue team really had some bad hitters!

Blue team just couldn’t get it together -guy stealing second base – you can see the ball heading to the mitt. Whoops, a little slow!


Missed the pick off of the steal

I think the problem was, the blue team was just bad. See the blurry ball the guys getting ready to swing at? Way out of the strike zone!

ball all the way

Bad choice of pitches to swing at

But the guys on the blue team didn’t give up, here’s a guy connecting for a single.


Gets a hit

But, the red team got more singles and doubles . A guy from the red team connecting for a hit.

red hitter

The red team just out pitched and out hit the blue team


So, as you can tell, ain’t much happening in Agua Prieta or Ciudad Juarez for an old fart, tourist, like me. But, had fun, got the problem solved and moved onto Nuevo Casa Grande, heading south, further into Mexico.

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