Traveling, blogging and wading into Social Media Marketing, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

So, this guy has been on the road for 10 months, knowing that people are making a living on the road with blogs.

This guy has no idea what they are doing, but they are doing something that is working. He is desperate to find out what it is.

He’s talking to his brother, who suggests talking to his niece – SHE understands this Social Media Blitzkrieg!

Of course this “guy”, “he” is ME.

If one ever drives in Central America, it is easy to get lost. Road signs are almost non-existent.

I think that everyone in the countries assumes you know to take a right at the church, then a left at the big boulder next to Manuel Ortego’s farm, if you want to get to Chalametango.

How in the heck is one supposed to know this stuff, having never driven the roads before?

This is how I feel when looking at this Social Media Marketing. It’s all laid out there, just very few sings to follow on how to “get there”.

Go to x blog, sign up, go socialize on twitter and Facebook. Look at others blogs, make comments, retweet, hit like buttons on pages, and on and on.

Then, with your own blog, make sure you have google tracking, google adsense, use the right platform to have your blog on, and then there’s the correct hosting company. Believe me, there is a difference out there in “hosting land”.

Ok , so you have your own blog. You’ve chosen your platform to put your blog up on the web. What now?

Lets look at The Big Mozey, who’s URL address is Since this is my blog, and I am writing this how to article, I’m entitled!

I use wordpress as the platform for my blog. My nephew , Josh Wilson – – says this is the best one to use.

I was using to register my domain name and host my blog – BIG. BIG mistake. Registering the domain with them is not bad, BUT their customer service sucks – it is the only word that really applies – no help what so ever!

After a year, I moved to World of difference. Customer service takes no more than about 3 minutes to get to, and they send you referral pages if they do not know the answers to your questions.


Next step, start posting on twitter and Facebook.

Now, you think this social media network marketing’s limited? Take a look at the Wikipedia list of social media websites here. Over 200 social network marketing sites! Something for everyone. Still, Facebook and twitter are the dominant two.

Next step is how to keep those tweets and Facebook updates going when your out hiking, working or taking care of the kids?

Someone thought of solutions for that, too. I use

This allows you to set the times of  your posts for twitter, Facebook and other social media networks that you want to post on.

I signed up for this. Menu pops up for an analysis program, add a team member, etc., etc. , etc..

Look, all I want to do now, at this particular moment, is to learn how to schedule posts – NOTHING MORE!

These geek guys, with all the information that they throw at you  when you first arrive, are daunting.  They have never heard of the phrase “KISS” or “KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!”

Anywho, in the menu, right in the middle, it says “Add A Social Network”. That is the bar you want to hit, and set up the accounts – I have twitter and Facebook. I can always add more later, once I get a handle on this stuff.

Make sure that you have the CORRECT user name and password for both twitter and Facebook.

I signed up for Hootsuite awhile back, but had changed the password that I used in Facebook. Hootsuite remembers all these things.

It took me 45 minutes to realize the reason I could not get my Facebook account to connect – the password that Hootsuite had saved was wrong. I put the correct one in, and bingo! – connected.

Be careful when you’re navigating all these things –  connectivity with user names and passwords are extremely important, be certain of correctness.

The other thing I did wrong, was the time that is on Hootsuite is different then the time that is on my computer. Hootsuite was on PST and my computers time was on EST – easier if both are on the same time – have to remember – I am a traveler. I bring this up because it confused me on the timing of posts that I was scheduling.

In the upper left hand corner is where you put what you are going to post.

If you have a URL address, just below the screen where you type, is a box.

Put the URL in that box, and it automatically shortens it up for you.

Then, you copy and paste it into the post that you are writing.

Next to that box where you put your URL to shorten it, is a paper clip icon. That is for uploading something. NO NEED FOR ME TO DO THAT NOW! ( I am doing this more for me, then anyone else!  I am not yelling at you – it is just emphases for my brain!)

Next to that box, is one that looks like a small car battery with a number in it. That is the box that you press with your mouse or keypad.

This drop down menu gives a time for the post issuance from Hootsuite. Set up in 5 minute intervals.

To the right of that box, is an icon that looks like a file – that is for saving posts as a draft, like you would on Text Edit.

Next to that is the send button. DO NOT HIT THAT YET!

One minor, but very important, bar has needs pressing – the one to the right of the send bar .

That bar is select all. To the right of that is select none.

Directly above those tow bars, you should see icons with t and F – those are the networks that are going to receive your posts.

If you have not connected correctly with Hootsuite, those bars will still show up. Your social network sites incapable of receive anything sent out from Hootsuite.

A notice will come up after you press the send button which informs you nothing went out to that particular social network.

I’ll share with you what I did, in Hootsuite, to start.

First, in the upper left, you’ll see “compose message now”. Click on the area, and the box increases in size.

Next step was to get the URL that I want to include in my post. This was Copy that URL.

In the lower left hand corner of the screen where you are going to type, there is a rectangular bar. This is where goes. Paste the URL into that box.

Hit the “shrink” bar, and this shortens the URL. Copy that shortened URL, and past it into the writing/typing  section  of the box.

Now typing will occur around that shortened URL. Depending on where you want it to show up in your message.

Sometimes, I want the shortened URL in front of my message, sometimes at the end. Just make sure you do not interfere with that shortened code for the URL.

It is the most important part of my posts, so I want to work around that URL.

Once you get your post written, you have to decide WHERE you’re going to send it

Hit the “Select all” bar if you want to send it to Facebook and twitter. You may also click on each icon with the t and f. Or hit t to send it to twitter and not to Facebook and vice versa

If you want to send it now, hit the”send now” bar.

If you want to send it in the future, press that tiny icon that looks like a car battery with a number in it.

A drop down menu appears, and just choose what time in the future you want to send it.

In the lower right it gives you a “Send in bulk” or “Okay”.

I’ve only got to the “Okay” bar. I have no idea what the deal is with “Send in bulk”.

My niece and I are going to convers about Hootsuit later today. I’m sure she will explain more about the “Send in Bulk”.

Summing up:

Get on social networks

Post often

Use Hootsuite to manage you posting schedule – my niece told me 15 posts a day is good. It keeps my name in front of people all the time, which is what you want.

Now I just have to figure out, “What the heck am I going to say 15 times a day, 7 days a week?”

Hope this sharing what I have done helps.

Cheers for now!



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4 Responses to Traveling, blogging and wading into Social Media Marketing, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

  1. I use HootSuite, too – but I haven’t yet figured out all the scheduling bits. Will read your post again more closely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. John Wilson says:

    Thanks Sophie,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I do appreciate that.
    I am getting the feeling that I am not the only one that finds this “social media networking, marketing, connecting” intimidating.
    Please do stop by again.
    Life is a journey, and friends make it more enjoyable.
    John D. wilson

  3. Lisa says:

    I’ve never used hootsuite, I have to check it out. Thanks John.

  4. John Wilson says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Hootsuite is a unique tool, takes a little getting used to.
    Lovely website that you have!
    Please do not be a stranger, do stop by again.
    Life is a journey, which increases in enjoyment when accompanied by friends.
    John D. Wilson
    aka – The Big Mozey

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