Travel into the center of your mind, or my mind, as the case may be.

What the heck am I doing?

Travel – it is a mind game.

Your enjoyment is contingent on your attitude and expectations.

If you expect a lot, you will probably be disappointed. On the other hand, if expectations are low, well, you’re bound to have a better time.

I am not a great photographer.

I am not a web site master.

I do not know the ins and outs of traveling in Central America.

I expect a lot of myself, with limited resources and knowledge. Therefore, for the last week or two, this has not been much fun, nor have I looked forward to writing on this blog. I do not know why my mind works this way, but it does.

What got me straitened up a bit, was not being able to get on the internet to get out of an investment I had in the stock market. The WIFI was available, but because of my limited knowledge, I could not get connected, and lost a bit of money. I did everything I could think of to get connected, but to no avail.

Instead of staying at another hotel in the city, I decided to move to another city, further west on Lake Isabal. That is another story, told on a later post. Move on I did, and missed getting on the internet before the market closed.

I was really talking to myself about what I expected on this journey when I was driving to this other town.. What can one do, if you do your best, and it does not work out?

Beat yourself up, and get depressed?

Change the attitude and realize that everything cannot happen instantly?

Look on the bright side, and realize the chances of having a great time,is contingent on how I am looking at things?

This trip’s supposed to be fun.

Here I was, for the last week or two, beating myself up because I wanted a better website – I am new to this stuff – what should I be able to do on a website with limited knowledge?

One tries to do the best that he/she can, and the results accepted. It is the best that I can do.

What other choice is there? Go back to the U.S. and get certified as website master?

This trip, for me, is not about websites, it is about enjoying the journey. I need to let myself do that!

My pictures are not the best. I have a camera that I have used for about 3 months. I am getting the best shots I can, presently. Doing the best I can, but it is not the quality I want. I cannot sell these pictures on the stock photo sites.

Frustrating. Practice and learn, another thing.This is not about becoming an ideal photographer, it is about taking pictures and enjoying the journey. I will learn as time goes on, how to take better pictures. I have to learn to cut myself some slack!

This post is more for me then for the audience that reads the blog. I have to remember, that if I have great expectations, my mind will have a more difficult time relaxing on this trip.

If I have fun, enjoy writing on the blog, and take pictures of things I like, that in and of itself will make things better.

The blog will be better, the pictures will be better, and I will enjoy myself more. Have to keep that it mind – learning should be fun. One should strive to do not just an OK job, but a great job.

It all comes with time and practice. Reading the how to’s, learning the don’t’s and not beating myself up for not catching on quickly in every part of the journey.

Things I need to do better:

1) Make the blog posts error free of misspelled words.

2) Make sure the blog uses good grammar.

3) Take 2 to 4 pictures when shooting what I think is a good picture.My mind has not yet learned how to frame a picture nor get the best lighting for a picture.

4) Relax when I am moving from city to city.Maps are not easily figured out down here in Central America. Roads one would think would be paved sometimes are not. It is ok to back track to save the car!

5) Budget for lodging is about $10 per night. A/C, hot water needed. Sometimes, like my stay in Morales, Guatemala – no hotels had hot water. A/C can be substituted with a good fan. Nothing can replace a good hot shower!

Glad I wrote this post. I am happy my attitude has changed a bit to get back on track.

Cheers for now.

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  1. silverboom says:

    That photo you posted is pretty darn good. Lighting, composition. Trick now is take more than one shot of a subject. Zoom in tighter on this guy, put him in the left third of the photo as he is looking to the right, and put me close enough I can see the wrinkles on his face. Your best shot yet!

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