Time for Posting Photos! The Semuc Champey Pools

Man, I got so many photos, good ones and bad ones.

I’ll throw out the bad ones, unless I thinks  some greatly important info caught in the pic that would cause the world to stop if I didn’t show it. (Don’t think that’s happen, but ya never know!)

Might be some repeats in here from previous posts, but it’s easy to close your eyes, or just scroll down past them. None are risqué, but I might try to sneak one or two R rated in, ’cause I’m a wild a crazy guy!

So, in no particular chronological order, here goes.

First up is the Semuc Champey pools – a cool place. Real interesting formations, about 6 pools, two deep enough to swim in. Which I did with a lady I’d met – in the nude! Radical..

Naked swimming

Nope, she wouldn’t stand so you could see any part of her body other than her head, but she was NAKED!


Along the mountains on each side of the river and pools, streams feed into both the pools and river. And yes, the terrain is that green.

Emerald falls

From the north side, the biggest stream I saw in the area feeding into the river

The pools have small fish in them that nibble on your skin if you decide to wade or go swimming. I don’t know if they’re the same ones used at the pedicure places to take off dead skin. But, the pools are so refreshing!

swimming naked 2

Darn, she always wanted her body underwater when I took her picture swimming naked

But, no matter if she stood or not, wee were lucky to be the first ones at the pools early in day. No one to tell us we couldn’t swim naked.

Seriously in thought about taking my clothes off for a swim. But, how many times am I going to get a chance, at 63, to go skinny dipping with a new lady I just met? And she’s already in the pool naked?


Yupper, I’m so stupid! I’m contemplating taking my clothes of to swim with a naked woman. I”M THINKING ABOUT IT. HOW STUPID!

The ride to Semuc Champey is a pistol. The road from Coban is OK, but there’s about a 12 mile stretch, once your off the main road, that’s a killer. I stayed just outside the park, not 3 minutes from the pools.

This is the view of the area where the Semuc Champey pools are


A view from the top of the mountains where the Semuc Champey pools are at.

This is the front of the pools.
See the cave?
You can swim into that.

You can see the rail along the top of the rock formation that is around the last of the Semuc Champey pools.

Front of Semuc Champey

Here’s where the river comes out from underneath the pools. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see the rail along the last pool on top of the rocks. THere’s a cave you can swim into that’s underneath the pols

The last few are just different views of the pools.

A really neat place!

Pools 2

The Semuc Champey Pools

Semuc Champey Pools

Very scenic and inviting

Semuc Champey Pools

A place not to be missed if you in Guatemala

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