Time flies when you travel and do, in Nicaragua now

Man, time flies when you are traveling and doing.

I worked with Holland Millis and his home schooling teacher to look at some new ways to generate income for Atuto.


Forming a pot at Atuto, Sabanagrande, Honduras


A pot being formed at Atuto, Sabanagrande, Honduras

The description for the company is  “Handmade crafts for the home and garden”.

The company is based in Sabanegrande, Honduras.


Metal figurine from Atuto, Sabanagrande, Honduras


Candle holder from Atuto, Sabanagrande, Honduras

I planned on staying there about 2 days, and I think I stayed there close to a week.

A great week it was, though. Good food served by Holland. Excellent stuff!

It was also good conversations with his son, his grandson and of course, Holland himself.

Holland sure does know how to put out some good food.

He also knows the arts and crafts business, and how to work with locals to bring something to the community. A win – win situation, which is always good to see.


A monkey produced at Atuto, Sabanagrande,Honduras


Clay mask from Atuto, Sabanagrande, Honduras

He was kind enough to have his driver take me on a tour of the mountains around Tegucilgapa while he visited a friend of his that has a wine business in Honduras.

Great tour of the area, and visiting Sabanagrande , turned out very nicely.


A figurine, finished and ready to ship at Atuto, Sabanagrande, Honduras


A figurine being handmade at Atuto, Sabanagrande, Honduras

From there, I headed west to the Pacific Ocean, and surprisingly, not much going on. That area is more of a bay, and is subject to tsunami’s due to the volcanic activity in the area. Therefore, no hotels and fine houses, due to that threat.

I did visit Punta Raton, but there were no hotels in the area.

Choluteca had some hotels, but higher priced then what I wanted to pay. There did not seem much to do or see in the area, so I continued driving to San Marcos de Colon.

There is a church there built at the entrance to a silver mine. That sounded like the most interesting site to see in the area.

Arriving late in the afternoon, I was pretty well tuckered out, and found a place for about $12.00 for the nigh. Not a bad place, but no WIFI, and no hot water.

Walked the town which did not take long, because it was a relatively small town. There was one big church, some nicer homes. Nothing that seemed to attract me as a reason to continue to stay in the city.

Headed south, the map showing another town before the Nicaraguan border. Not correct, and made a u – turn when I reached the border.

The only way back to the other entrance to Nicaragua was to go back to Choluteca. Had a coke, thought about whether I wanted to continue to find cheap lodging or move on to Nicaragua. Quick decision to move on to Nicaragua, and I was back in my car heading south.

A big hassle at the border about paperwork on my car. Had to drive all the way back to Choluteca to get money for a “mordida” ( A gift, bite or bribe depending on the definition you want to go with) for the border guard. That was about $80.00.

Then when I went to the Nicaragua side, there was a problem with my passport. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua have agreed to a program for the 4 countries.  A 90 visa is given to the tourist to see all 4 countries in 90 days. An impossible task. That was the problem. I had over stayed my visa.

The Hondurans need to give me a “in transit” visa. then I could get a 5 day visa to go through Nicaragua to Costa Rica.

Walk across the border in Costa Rica, stay 3 hours, and get another 90 day visa for the 4 countries. Does that make any sense to anyone?

Ah, the fun and games governments play.

Now in Casares, Nicaragua. On the beach of the Pacific Ocean at the Hotel el Casino. Run by Patrice Glo, an enjoyable place to write and catch up on posting pictures and writing articles.

Cheers for now.

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