“The Times, They Are a Changing” – the reason I am traveling

Kind of a weird title for a travel blog site, eh?

The Times They Are a Changing
sung by Bob Dylan

What is changing?

There is a dramatic change in the paradigm (model,system or standard) of the world. The change, dramatic!

You are thinking this is weird and rather dramatic for a travel blog – talking about shifts in the paradigm of the world. Talk of big, dramatic changes in a travel blog.

The reason I am traveling is because of this shift in the paradigm of the world. It is the second one I have seen in my lifetime, and it will probably be the last.

When Bush bailed out the banks, it really came to light for me – it showed me the government’s priorities: banks, insurance companies and multinational corporations. It was not for the citizens of the country.

This is a fact – every man, woman and child of the USA owes taxes to the tune of $24,000 each to support the banks, insurance companies and multinationals, as of 2008.

Since that time, there’s been more bailouts and Quantitative Easing (QE) 1 and 2. ( QE 3 might be coming down the road in August) Which means every man, woman and child’s debt to the USA has also increased.

When did the citizens of the USA become the supporters of these companies?

Believe it or not, this has been going on for some time, just not as blatant as todays business.

This is the shift of the paradigm that I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

It is not as blatant in the USA as it is in some of the European Countries; Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Iceland.

In Greece, Goldman Sachs helped Greece hide certain debts so that it could enter the European Union. Though government officials and Goldman Sachs lied, it is the citizens of the country that are seeing services cut and tax hikes to cover the misdeeds.

Here is the thing – writers warned of the lack of oversight on these shenanigans by the Greek Government – stating that the bonds and the balance sheet of the country were not correct when presented to the European Union.

In Iceland, the government has taken it upon itself to fund the losses of the countries private banks – at the behest of the governments of Europe. The governments (Britain, Denmark, Holland, etc.), banks, insurance companies will take huge losses if the Iceland government does not do this.

Who’s taxed to make up for these losses? The people of Iceland, of course.

Similar scenarios are taking place in Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

The reason for the increase on the taxpayers?

To protect the bondholders (banks, insurance companies and foreign governments) from losses.

This is the paradigm shift – this is a change in the way business operates in the word.

Up to this point, if a business or government made a bad investment, they took a loss.

Now the monies involved are too great, and the bondholders are in the “Too Big To Fail” group, and all the governments of the Western World are scrambling to cover losses that “should” be taken by the investors that were stupid enough to do the investing.

This is the shift in the paradigm – the big change that we, as citizens of the world, are seeing.

“How did this ever occur?”, you ask.

Ahhhhh– lets talk about the first paradigm shift that I saw in my life.

This occurred because of a president known as “Tricky Dick”, or President Nixon.

In 1971, President Nixon (There was a reason they called him “Tricky Dick”) took the US dollar off of any convertibility to gold.

This allowed the Federal Reserve to print as much money as they needed for the economic growth of the USA.

To the US citizens, it was a forewarning, that the government (Federal Reserve Bank) was now able to inflate the dollar at it’s whim, to our countries detriment.

I remember when this happened. (Yes, I am that old!) It sent shock waves throughout the financial world. It led to very tumultuous times.

My father had read a book entitled “How to Profit From the Coming Devaluation” by Harry Browne. It changed his whole outlook on life, politics and how he handled his finances. ( One of the things my father does not have to worry about in his retirement is money – thanks, specifically, to this book)

Most, if not all, of the events that Browne predicted would come true, did. Devaluation, inflation, increase in the value of commodities (gold and silver sky rocketed)

The people who saw the shift in the paradigm, profited immensely. Those that did not-well, they survived.

So, we have arrived – both paradigms explained that I have seen in my lifetime.

(Both did not come as a shock to intelligent investors. Like Harry Browne’ s forecasts, almost all regulators received information of the coming mortgage crisis. Congress was warned by the FBI, investors pleaded with the SEC and FDIC to rein in the banks and mortgage companies. The warnings fell on deaf ears. Everyone was making so much money, what could go wrong?)

As they say – “What can the “crew” do now?” What does the average citizen living in the western world do?

As I see it, we have 2 choices:

1) Fight the shadows that make up this “New World Order”. What do I mean by this?

Lets look at the transition between Bush and Obama – A complete Republican and a Socialist Democrat. (Don’t go there, I am not calling Obama names, he is increasing the size of the government, and that is Socialism, it is not Democracy)

Bush bailed out the banks. Obama has bailed out the banks.

Bush got into office because of backing by business, banks and conglomerates.

Obama got into office because of backing by business, banks and conglomerates.

Both gave tremendous amounts of money to both insurance companies, banks and big business.

Obama is increasing the size of government – not increasing regulatory control over the “Too Big To Fail” companies but to the citizens freedoms.

Think Patriot Act, think Health Care Reform, think of taxes and regulations on movement of money by citizens to foreign accounts.

The IRS and Treasury are going after citizens that have moved out of the USA for taxes on profits made outside the USA. ( They should have renounced their citizenship) Think the TSA gropers.

Remember, GE made over $3 Billion profit, and did not pay a dime in taxes.

JP Morgan paid out over $16 Billion in bonuses in 2010, leaving $500 Million for shareholders.

We, the citizens and taxpayers support this through our taxes. Do not think of it as government money – it is your money that is being given to these companies!

So, explain to me the difference between Republican and Democrat.

Both are on the same agenda of supporting the multinationals, big banks and insurance companies. ( I’m not even going to get into Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, or the government giving $4 Billion to Libya, that bad man Gadhaffi that we are bombing)

You choose a Democrat or a Republican, the table’s set – the government’s geared and running to support the powers that be in the world today. Neither one will change that – taxpayer dollars supporting the powers that be, or the “Ponzi” scheme falls apart, and the “Too Big To Fail” will fail.

The government cannot let that happen, and will do everything in its power to prevent that-all the way to spending the taxpayer money into “ad infinitum”.

The scheme that started so long ago, will fail. This has occurred over and over in man’s history, and has failed every time. (In the book, “The Big Short”, one of the concerns of the investors was that when the American people found how they had been “screwed”, there would be riots in the streets. I guess it just has not hit home for the average American, how bad the government is)

Just recently, when the Republicans won seats in Congress, the promises with the Tea Party ended before the first meeting of Congress occurred.

If you try to fight the system, it is like shadow boxing – you hit nothing.

The change will occur when the “Ponzi” scheme of worthless currencies and dishonest governments collapse.

2) The other choice is to withdraw your support. Do everything in your power not to pay for the corruption that is occurring in the Western World.

Am I advocating that you stop paying taxes – if you can get away with it, yes.

Am I advocating that you stop paying your mortgage on a house that is not worth as much as you owe on it? Absolutely!

(It took the bank 2 years to foreclose on my house. There was no way I was ever going to have equity in my house in my lifetime, I was that far upside down. And housing values are still going down!)

Am I suggesting that you leave the country? A resounding YES!

Why would you want to support the powers that be when they are doing everything they can to take more and more money from you? That does not make any sense!

I have seen more and more advocates touting leaving the USA for a better life. That we are losing our freedoms slowly but surely.

It is time to take action!

For the traveler that writes a travel blog, they see how 80% of the world lives differently then in Europe and North America.

It is a struggle just to put food on the table, much less to have a 52″ surround sound LED, state of the art, TV.

The average means of transportation is foot or bicycle.

This is reality for 80% of the world’s population!

You know what amazes me?

The same amount of people who believed Harry Browne’s forecast for future events is about the same as today’s believers that things are going to get very bad.

90% of the people rely, believe, accept (Or whatever words you want to use) that the government is watching out for their best interests, as contrary as the evidence is.

Most will be happy and justify what is occurring by what they have.

“If I have a nice car…..”

“If I am able to watch TV on the most advanced surround sound digital TV…….”

“I can walk around smelling good and looking sharp…..”

“Look at my home, and the nice furnishings, life is not that bad…….”

“I am receiving enough crumbs from the people eating 99% of the pie, I am content to give up freedoms and get taxed at increasing rates”

My feelings?

There is not enough money or things in the world that justify me being a serf. I value my freedom and feel that I am responsible to make sure my monies paid in taxes are spent wisely. If they are not, I refuse to sit idly by and do nothing! (Or I give as little as I can!)

Just think where we would be in the USA if our founding fathers had thought along the same lines as most Americans. “If I combat this Tyranny, I may lose my house, my car, my big screen TV. Best to play by their rules and be happy with what I am given”

If the founders of the USA would have thought along those lines, we would still be a colony of Britain.

The principles of freedom, right and wrong, citizens rights and a government that was not intrusive were so important to the founders that they risked home, family, livestock and all other worldly goods to combat the tyranny of government.

Today, it is just words.

Principles seem unimportant.

What is right and wrong is sold to us by the government.

More government is better, though time and time again our founders warned us against allowing the government to grow!

Those 10% who see and believe in the paradigm shift will profit while the other 90% – they’ll survive.

Is it to be that one will say and do anything to get the toys of consumerism that the government and big businesses push our way to obey?

Like the Meatloaf  song, “Paradise From the Dashboard Lights“.

What’s it gonna be,boy. Ya gotta tell me (the government and big business) that you love me!

So, I have taken my support and left. I travel now, with the hopes of living on the road for many a year. It is my way of “Sticking it to the Man”.

I love America.

I just do not love it to a point where I will be a serf in a serfdom

Cheers for now!







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