“The feet may learn the steps, but only the spirit can dance.”

I am sitting in Alajuela, Costa Rica and it is 5 AM.

I read posts on Twitter and Facebook, while having my morning coffee.

I read this quote from AnnTran, and it coincides with an article that I wrote, “Does traveling allow you to go further into the world within?”

In other words, does my writing about travel, allow my “spirit to dance”?

Have you ever been to an event, and while watching, you realize that the performers are just going through the motions?

There is no “soul”, no “life”, no “spirit” in the performance.

Am I writing that way?

Are you writing that way?

Going through the “learned” steps, but giving no “spirit”, no “life” to the words?

I’m being introduced to a barrage of new things: social media blogging, how to use wordpress, visiting new places, meeting new people and a gazillion other things. It is funny, exciting and challenging.

The required “steps” to learn: set up a blog, understand a bit about social networking, and then write and share life’s experiences. Through that, am I allowing my “spirit” to dance?

I am reading about what other people are doing – one has to get a feel for an audience, get an idea of what a “good blog” should look like, etc. This reading of other people’s blogs has opened my eyes to a world where “spirits” are dancing!

Quite amazing, really.

Vagabond Journey – watching Wade Shepard grow a travel website that is unique. Watching a work in progress, where his spirit is dancing.

Budget Travel Adventures – A site run by Jeremy Branham, trying get that niche of uniqueness in the travel business.

Pommie Travels – Run by Victoria Brewood, she proves that one can travel the world, work remotely, see sites and enjoy life on the road.

These are great examples of “spirits” that are shining through in their blogs – “dancing” to their music.

I could list many others.

Blogs that tell you what to do, what not to do.  Not in a “I am better than you” way, but a sharing of things learned, being helpful to others in the blogging world

Blogs sharing about family life and the challenges of setting up new goals. Getting into personal experiences and feelings.

These show that, not only have the “feet learned the steps”, the “spirit” has the chance to dance.

Quite an “eye opener”.  A pleasure to read and enjoy.

It is funny, too, that the blogs that are not allowing the “spirit” of the author to dance, are the ones that are dry.

The must’s, the have to’s. the top 5, the top 10, etc., that are the “norm” of the travel writers repertoire.  It is like a robot is putting out the posts, no “soul” in the writing.

Thanks to the Travel Blog Exchange for introducing me to new people, new blogs, and new ideas.

I hope that my “feet” have learned the steps, and that my “spirit” can shine through on my blog, “dancing” to the music of life.

When you write, after you have learned the “steps”, are you giving your “spirit” a chance to “dance” in the world?

Cheers for now.

About John Wilson

Traveler, writer and photographer. No home now, just traveling the world in search of the lost chord.
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