The End of Times – Uaxactun, Peten District, Guatemala

The End of Times is based on the Mayan calendar created in a village called Uaxactun.

The town of Uaxactun is located in one of the most desolate areas of Guatemala.

The town is north of the famous Tikal site of the Mayans.

For a google map of the area that you can zoom in and out, click here.

End of time

Map of the Peten Region of Guatemala

This is where the Mayan calendar was invented. The Mayan Calendar helped them determine what they thought would be “The End of Time”.

The town of Uaxactun was the intellectual center for the Mayans. Through astrology, they determined the best time to plant, harvest, etc.

The End of Times was determined by astrological signs and their calendar.

It is reached by the same road that enters Tikal. Instead of stopping at Tikal, one cotinues north on the road to reach Uaxactun.

The origin of the End of Times is located in an area where the jungle rules.

It is one of the challenges for the government to reclaim the city that predicted the End of Times

End of Times

A birds eye view of Tikal

See how desolate this area is?

This is where the drug smugglers build air strips to land their planes, carrying the drugs, before hauling it into Mexico.

How bad is this area?

27 farm workers beheaded over a drug feud.

TheEnd of Time for those people.

3 thieves are caught by local townspeople and hanged. The people take the law into their own hands since there are very few police in the area. This happened about 3 months ago.

The End of Time for the thieves

Though the area is rich in Mayan ruins and history, it is still one of the most dangerous places to go to in Guatemala.

Apropos that the legend of the end of times should come from Uaxactun, on the outskirts of this wild and untamed area of Guatemala.

The area is also known as the airplane graveyard.

Drug traffickers fly in their shipment of drugs, and abandon their airplanes, hauling the drugs into Mexico from this remote area of Guatemala.

The End of Times for the planes.

I talked to a German couple that had taken a 3 day ride on horses to visit an excavation site near the border of Mexico. The only other option was to fly in by helicopter, out of Guatemala City.

This is how rough and wild this Peten Region of Guatemala is.

Though I thought Tikal was one of the best archaeological sites I had ever visited, these examples of  dangers should always be taken into consideration when traveling.

Maybe the Mayans knew this when they were looking into the future – drug related deaths, thieves hung and airplanes abandoned – the End of Times for many people and items in the Peten Region of Guatemala.

Cheers for now.

( I was in Guatemala for close to 2 months – never got robbed and never got attacked. I liked Guatemala quite a bit.)

(I write this for two reasons – 1) in some areas one has to be careful 2) to show how ridiculous the war on drugs is. Central American countries are poorly equipped against the intel and sophistication of the drug traffickers.)


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