The End, er, I mean… The Beginning Is Near – a guest post from off~peak

I have been talking about “Occupy Wall Street” in a negative tone, talking about possible violence.

Here is a refreshing view of events that are occurring in todays world by off~peak, a blog by Kellie. Her views are much more positive than mine, and they struck a chord in me.

Here is her latest post:

The End, er, I mean… The Beginning Is Near

Can you feel it? It’s happening – to me and seems to everyone I’m talking with lately. We’re clearing away cobwebby concepts, habits, defenses, abuses, misappropriations, faulty thinking, and old programming. Darwinian philosophy is dead, Cartesian duality isn’t serving us anymore, waste management is a misnomer, and the levees holding Top Down patriarchy from washing away are on the verge of collapse.


     I know, I know you probably scream and cry 
     That your little world won’t let you go 
     But who in your measly little world 
     Are you trying to prove that 
    You’re made out of gold and, eh, can’t be sold

     So, are you experienced? 
     Have you ever been experienced? 
     Well, I have

     Let me prove you…

     Trumpets and violins I can hear in distance 
     I think they’re calling our names 
     Maybe now you can’t hear them, but you will 
     If you just take hold of my hand – Jimi Hendrix

Maybe you’re still pretending you can’t hear the distant music, but that’s because it’s being drowned out by puppets and agents of fear – both those in your head that keep the illusion on just the other side of smouldering rage, and those who are stoking that furnace, all while tweeting their exit strategies to 98,000 followers.

Chances are though, fiery anxiety aside, you can feel an emerging future; you and visionaries from Nostradamus to the ancient Mayans, from Charles Reich* to Hendrix to that sandwich board-wearing nutso down in the subway station for the last twenty years, babbling about the coming rapture. From furtive whispers to in-your-face proclamations – it’d be foolish to deny anymore that we are living, truly, throughthe apocalypse.

The apocalypse – how we quiver at that word. From the Greek, meaning “the lifting of the veil,” it points to revelation during a time of falsehood and misconception, not some Mad Max catastrophe. If we plot humankind’s presence along the timeline of the earth, it’s said we don’t show up until a few seconds before midnight, New Year’s Eve. Zoom in, like a microscope, and just sit and think about the past 100 or so years, a veritable blip. That’s a infinitesimally short time to wreak so much havoc and try to evolve accordingly. Yes, we’ve invented cars, airplanes, telephones, microwave ovens, laptops, remote controlled you-name-its, as well as eradicated smallpox, raised millions out of poverty, extended lifespan, and figured out that a net can prevent malaria. But, we’ve also witnessed and participated in genocides of people, species and cultures that will never, ever be experienced again. We’ve committed acts of violence to ourselves and each other that you’d think, if I were to frame them as the workings of an alien society, unconscionably atrocious.

We’ve altered the fricking CLIMATE, fercryin’outloud.

When was the last time you saw an earthworm or an eagle? We’re so disconnected from our planet that we need devices to tell us when it’s time to eat, what the air feels like outside, and how to wake up in the morning. We think a “week” is a real measure of time.

We’re so disconnected from ourselves that it’s not until cancer kicks us in our collective ass do we start to think, oh! Maybe there’s something wrong here. And the biggest killer of children, of CHILDREN I say, is that we are starving them to death through obesity, first by our own example and then by supporting the greed-based sources of the so-called ‘food’ we pretend to decry.

Further, we’re so disconnected from each other we barely make eye contact over our smartphones, we deadbolt our families behind gates (& call it a community), and it’s all we can do to piece together broken relationships with complaints / meaningless sex / gossip as our baseline. We’re terrified of answering real questions with honesty and humility.

But there’s good news! Really, really good news, although you won’t read about it in the newspapers or hear it on the radio, because those are part of the institutions that are either crumbling or transitioning. Creative destruction is allowing for magnificent innovation, technological transformation, and radical redesign. The evidence can be seen EVERYWHERE. While the old is getting earthquake’d and tsunami’d, more are being catapulted into a new paradigm. So surrender your erroneous defenses and create the life that’s been calling you – the world needs what only you can provide. The universe is conspiring to bring us unparalleled creativity, beauty, ease, and prosperity. And it wants you in on it. So put on your party pants and grab a partner!

     Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. ~ Steve Jobs

  • Aging – Screw dying when I’m 80. I’m going to live at least another 80 years.
  • Retirement – Bullocks! Why would I want to work like a dog for a paycheck just so that I could knit or play golf when I’m “old?”
  • Cash / Money – It’s the end of fiat currency, the end of worshipping false idols. Imagine getting what you want without the treasury middleman.
  • Jobs – I don’t want one. Do you? Jobs are going the way of the Yugo. And that’s a GOOD thing.
  • Banks – Let them fail. Yes, it’ll hurt. But no more than if we don’t.
  • Stock Market – Really? You’re still in it? How about locavesting…self-investing…community investing…
  • Disease – Heal instantly. Never be sick again. Eliminate this idea of illness as inevitable.
  • Peak Oil / Dwindling Energy Supplies – Mere corporate propaganda. No such thing. Praise the sun and the wind and the deep blue sea.
  • Time Travel – Yup. Done it. And so have you.
  • God / Universe / The Great Pumpkin – Nietzsche said “Dead!” Walt Whitman said “Leaves of Grass.” I side with the humanist.

This is what I’ll be writing about in forthcoming posts. Which is to say that all I learned and thusly railed against all my life were falsehoods and misconceptions: that which didn’t ring true, but were the foundations upon which the masses built their beliefs. So look forward. Let’s start questioning EVERYTHING we think we know is real. Let me push into what you think is not possible, and allow a seed to be planted. Come explore with me – what is something you absolutely believe to be true? Now hand me that sledgehammer.


I don’t know why we always cry
This we must leave and get undone
We must engage and rearrange
And turn this planet back to one
So tell me why we got to die
And kill each other one by one
We’ve got to hug and rub-a-dub
We’ve got to dance and be in love
(But what I really wanna know is)
Are you gonna go my way? ~ Lenny Kravitz

*There is a revolution coming. It will not be like revolutions of the past. It will originate with the individual and with culture, and it will change the political structiure only as its final act. It will not require violence to succeed, and it cannot be successfully resisted by violence This is the revolution of the new generation. ~ Charles Reich, The Greening Of America, 1970.

Are you worried about the changes that are occurring in the world, or do you look at it as a positive motivation to change your life?

Thanks Kellie for allowing me to post this!

Cheers for now

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5 Responses to The End, er, I mean… The Beginning Is Near – a guest post from off~peak

  1. stevie says:

    BAMF you are Kellie! I love it! With you and the creative destruction 100%!

  2. John Wilson says:

    I am not Kellie.
    Kellie has her blog at
    I like her style of writing, just as I like your thoughts on life.
    Thanks for leaving a comment Stevie!
    John D. Wilson

  3. Silverboom says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah. Been there, done that, heard it all before. Each revolution is overcome by a subsequent revolution, which adopts the practices of the earlier revolution that eventually lead to a revolution…

    Geeze, folks. This is the same kind of stuff propagated during the railroad boom. The advent of new technology brought along with it the “promise” of revolution…and they used the same terminology, the same words, back then that we use today.

    Yet each generation thinks they have it figured out, that this time it is somehow “different.” It is not. It is the same. The human condition, basic human nature, remains the same. The tools might differ, the distractions might be greater or less, but the ongoing stuff is the same.

    As Peter, Paul & Mary used to sing: the Great Madala of life.

    Or better still, as Solomon said: it’s vanity, all is vanity.

    As true today as it was 3000 years ago.

  4. Stevie~
    Wow. I’ve never been called a BAMF before. ;)
    But I’ll put that song on and dance to it, loud!

  5. Exactly. We are ever (r)evolving, in a spiral, around and around again, deeper sometimes, higher other times. It’s not about technology – I completely agree. But what connections we have now, in more hands than ever, to understand our individual AND collective power to (r)evolve!
    It’s about dropping the veil of believing others have true power over us. It’s about seeing ourselves as whole, enough, and infinite. It’s about embracing our human nature along with our spiritual nature, and integrating them to move into a place where we don’t have to experience the negative in order to know the positive.
    Vanity? The excessive belief in our own abilities? Hells yeah! Imagine if that were actually, finally true, instead of these false impressions. Imagine if we really DID believe in our own abilities…
    What’s next? Could there possibly be an incarnation of humanity that is beyone what we know now? Why not? 3,000 is just a blip.

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