The 5 questions to ask yourself before starting a blog

I had a member of the “The Big Mozey Traveler’s Group” asked me the following question about starting a blog:

“What I’m really hoping to learn is more about blogging. …would love to now how often you post & how you keep the blog going. I have such an overburdened To Do list, I have been putting off committing to blog because I don’t know where I will find the time.”

The question conjured  “I wish I would have known then what I know now” thoughts about blogs.

Here’s 5 questions I would ask myself now about starting a blog.

1) The first thing I would decide is this – do I want to get involved in setting up and learning the ins and outs of running a platform for a blog.

Though it is always touted that “start with us and your blog will be up and running in minutes”, it’s  a crock. To do it well, the person that sets up a blog has to learn html at the least. CSS and script is even better.

Do you want to do this?

If the answer is no, there is project4hire,, freelancers and many more sites where people will state what they will charge for setting up your blog.

To me this is a cornerstone in the beginning, because it determines the road you will go down if your blog is successful. If it is “the bomb”, you’ll not be able to help anyone else with setting up a  blog, you will have to go to your freelancer for the blog platform work.

Maybe the solution to this is to have not 1, but 2 or 3 freelancers you work with on your blog. That way, you are not relying on just one person for maintaining your blog.

2) Time for lift off of the blog!

Are you willing to exert the energy and time until the blog starts getting good traffic?

Very few blogs are overnight successes. It takes a year or more to get a following that supports the blog. IE – the blog starts generating money.

Lots of work with a blog with no immediate rewards. Not many people are willing to put the time and energy into a blog to get it going.

3) What is the blog about and what audience is the blog for?

Most topics are already covered. Travel, hotels, restaurants, SEO, technology, writing, setting up a blog, etc. all have many websites that talk about those particular subjects.

What will set your blog apart?

Whatever your subject is, there will be great competition. Try to get some idea of how your blog differ from all the other blogs that write about the same subject.

4) Do you want to open yourself up to the world through your blog?

Kind of a strange question, but with social media being a large part of marketing these day, it is a good one.

Are you willing to associate with a variety of people on twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. that you have never met before while marketing yourself and your blog?

You’ll have to deal with spammers, hijackers and the other riff-raff that roam the Internet waiting to attack your blog.. There is just no way around it. The more successful you are, the more these types of people are attracted to your blog.

5) Employee/boss relationship when running a blog.

How do you think you will motivate yourself to do this?

Since I’ve been doing this over a year, I think back on how I viewed myself as an employee – not too good at times.

I also reflect back on how I viewed myself as a boss – not to good at times.

It is a constant struggle trying to find a balance inside my head. Self motivation, direction, quality of work, etc. for my blog.

The ups and down of running a blog are very frustrating because you rely on outside forces that directly affect your blogs performance . Google algorithms , the hosting company you are with, links and back links, advertisers who do not pay, etc.

Then you will find those that will also chime in about running a blog – some supporting you, others saying “What the hell, you’ll never succeed at running a blog!”

Can you handle the demons that will be talking in your head as you embark on this “running a blog” journey?

Those are the questions I would ask myself before starting a blog.

How would I answer these questions about starting a blog?

1) I want to know something about the ins and outs of setting up a blog platform. I do not need expertise to get a good-looking blog. So, I have chosen to learn more. When the blog becomes more successful, then I will look for a freelance person.

2) I am stubborn – and I know that if one person can make a living off of a blog, so can I.

I just have to learn, and I’m patient. I will accept whatever time frame I need to, in order for my blog to start generating income.

3)  Travel, culture, people and personal opinions. I have gotten god feedback over the years about what I have to say. I am trying to find a better way of expressing myself and looking for a wider audience with my blog.

4) I was in the restaurant business for years and sold cars for years. I’m used to dealing with a variety of “low lifes” that I run into while operating my blog.

It really is a minor nuisance with the “low lifes”. I have met some great people on the Internet through my blog. This far outweighs the hassles with the negative people.

5) I have always battled the demons in my head. Sometimes I win, other time I loose. I view it as being human. It will never end. I have decided that a blog is my venue for voicing my many views and experiences. I just try to be more positive than negative.

Just my personal views – I am far from being an expert blogger.

I hope some of the questions posed, along with the answers, help you out in your decision to start-up a blog.

Cheers for now.





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2 Responses to The 5 questions to ask yourself before starting a blog

  1. stevie says:

    Tree and I were just remarking on how many hours we each put into our blog. We had no idea when we started it a year and a half ago how much time, energy, and money it would entail. The big question we had for ourselves was, is it worth it? I’d say that it is, but there’s no doubt about it, it’s a demanding enterprise. I can tell that you put in a bit of time on yours too Big Mozey! You’ve done a great job.

  2. John Wilson says:

    Hi Stevie,
    Yeah, pretty amazing how time consuming this is in the beginning.
    I understand it gets better, but I want to know – when?
    Thanks for the compliment about the work I’ve done on my blog.
    Hopefully, it give the reader a much more enjoyable read.
    Stay safe in Ecuador!
    John D. Wilson

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