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The “Beast” – A Ford Explorer Sport 4×4 1998

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Yupper, the beast needed a wash. Probably had dirt on it left from Mexico. And I’m in Nicaragua! LOL Just got tired of the dirt and people made a habit of writing on it in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. It convinced … Continue reading

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On the Road for Over a Year!

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Good golly, Miss Molly! I’ve ben on the road over a year now. Don’t seem like it. Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica – missed ol’ El Salvador and Belize. Contemplating going back to Mexico, and then coming back … Continue reading

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Latest Honduran headlines – cocaine hub for Central America

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Sometimes I just have to wonder if anybody actually investigates anything anymore – Honduras becomes hub for cocaine in Central America. Have they ever looked at a map of Central America? You can read the article about Honduras here. Lets … Continue reading

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The End of Times – Uaxactun, Peten District, Guatemala

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The End of Times is based on the Mayan calendar created in a village called Uaxactun. The town of Uaxactun is located in one of the most desolate areas of Guatemala. The town is north of the famous Tikal site of … Continue reading

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I’ll call this the rock crew post – manual labor vs labor saving

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You see this all over Guatemala. Here you have a boulder, that will likely breakaway from the mountain. If that happens, the condominiums on the opposite side of the road would be destroyed. These guys are working on removing this boulder … Continue reading

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Eco Park northwest of Coban, Guatemala Central America

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I went to an Eco park northwest of Coban, Guatemala yesterday. Sign said it has waterfalls to climb, and interesting wildlife. I saw some wildlife, but nothing that was out of the ordinary and I could not find the waterfall. … Continue reading

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A most enjoyable stay comes to an end – El Estor, Guatemala

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For a look at a larger map of the area, click here. A post of a map to begin this blog, because if you pass by Juan Ramon and Violeta’s Hotel Calle Real in El Estor, you are making a … Continue reading

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Travel in Guatemala, Central America – what not to do

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Last hike, when I was staying in San Benito, threw me for a loop. Mind got boggled and it took it awhile to get unboggled. Travel is tough enough without making the mistake of running out of daylight on your … Continue reading

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