SEO obstacle course is tough on a 59 yr. old traveler

Oh, this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is tough on this ol’ boy.

SEO engine modification

Got to modify the engine for better performance!

Not having anyone to mentor me, I wade through the maze of websites that guarantee 1,000’s of Facebook and Twitter fans or followers.

“Reach the top of the list in google rankings and 1+ circle of friends and  colleagues”, they claim in their bold headlines.

“Buy this program and make $1,000’s per month on Facebook or Twitter”, the ad says. Minor problem is you also sell your soul, your integrity and standing with anyone you deal with on the internet.

Then I hit the ones that talk about “fantastic” increase in views of your blog if your SEO is good, your internal links are good and you outside links are good. Even if you just sell stuff on your site without putting any good content on it, you’ll make gazillions!

Last job I had been driving a truck, where I didn’t have to deal with anything but traffic and the voices that always seem to float around in my head.

I thought it was very boring sometimes, but it was good for me. I am basically a loner, have my own peculiar way of doing things. No one objected because there was no one around!

Now, people and impressions are contended with. Does my comment or blog offend anyone?

Is the wording of my blog coinciding with the google applications that check out ranking my website?

I try to approach and understand this stuff calmly. To be truthful, there are times I want to throw my computer off the balcony!

For example, I wanted to do a photo contest. I use linky tool, and there was a program that’s supposed to allow me to do that.

It didn’t – people could not upload just one photo, they had to connect to the post that the photo was on – not what I wanted.

WordPress had a plugin that’s supposed to work well. It didn’t.

The program is poorly written (it is Photo Contest in the wordpress plugins), according to my nephew.

1 1/2 days screwing around with what I thought was a simple task! Harumph – no way Jose!

SEO the same thing. I am getting a better handle on it. Plugins from wordpress have helped, though I did have to sort through them and find what I was comfortable with.

I settled on those that help me track traffic, tell me whether my site is SEO friendly, makes it easier to follow me and, of course, everything gets submitted to google analytics!

SEO Smartlinks: links to other pages in my blog that relate to the new post I am putting up. Supposedly, the google “secret robots” like the looks of this. A good example of a website that does this a lot is Wikipedia – they interlink everything. If you do not believe that the robots like this stuff, just do a search of something. Wikipedia will be in the top 10.

SEO Pressor: This keeps track of the key word on your post. It then tells you right out of the starting gate whether your post stays on subject. For example, this post is about SEO. So, the SEO pressor will tell me how well that word’s mentioned in the post to get me a good ranking. Right now I am at 78% – the key is to get above 90%. I do not have a picture and I do not have internal links.

Problem is it costs $47 for 1 site, $97 for multiple sites. I hate paying for these things, but this one seemed worth it. I’ve been pleased with the SEO Pressor so far.

WebNinja GA plugin allows me to keep track of traffic throughout the day. I do not do that often. When I have a lot of things to do that keeps me glued to the computer, it is a nice plugin to have.

Google Analytics – SEO important! This is a wordpress plugin that takes care of putting the google analytics code where ever it needs be on your blog. Once you have it installed, you never have to look at it again.

Share and Follow “Designed for average users to use”. Yeah, right . Took me about 2 hours to figure out what was going on with it. Once I figured it out, no problem. But it’s that learning curve on everything that just makes you want to quit!

Permalinks – I had to figure out what that was all about, and to this day, I really do not understand it. From what I read, though, permalinks are important. (They are included in the wordpress themes) Which way you set it up is crucial.

Subscribe2 What I want to make sure of is that visiting viewers have an easy way of signing up for my blog. Now, what is comfortable to me is email. I’m not into iPads, Kindle, feeders, rss and all the other stuff. I have learned though, you supply people with what they want – and Subscribe@ does that for me.

Finally, submitted my blog to all the free search engines and robots that I can think of.

I am not saying that my site is anywhere close to being perfect. These are some tools that I use and they seem to have helped my traffic. I am getting an increasing number over of views over the last few months.

I hope this helps someone.

For those that are much more experienced than me, suggestions and comments are welcome.

I get the feeling that this is a never-ending learning process. And when google changes, one also has to change.

Cheers for now.





About John Wilson

Traveler, writer and photographer. No home now, just traveling the world in search of the lost chord.
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14 Responses to SEO obstacle course is tough on a 59 yr. old traveler

  1. Gene Bowker says:

    Hang in there.

    Great SEO information.. that is something I need to work on too.

  2. John Wilson says:

    Hi Gene,
    Good to see you.
    Thanks for the positive feed back – I am so new at all this stuff, I think everyone knows it.
    Glad to hear the information was of use to you.
    Hope things are well!
    John D. Wilson

  3. robin says:

    It sounds like you have been way more industrious than I have about this – if I tweet and stumble something I feel I’ve done well! Also I’m on so plugins are not a tool for me. I would seriously consider going self-hosted but not just now. Mine is a personal little blog intended to be a good read but makes no claims to be of any actual use to anyone beyond that!
    I’m resistant to SEO because I want to write what I want to write – it doesn’t include key words or search terms. Although a bit younger I might be more old-fashioned than you on that.
    Having said that I will now go and look if there are any Google Analytics options for .com users.
    Very interesting piece and, as usual, beautifully blunt and real, so much more engaging than a lot of the fluff out there.
    Don’t quit.

  4. John Wilson says:

    Hi Robin,
    Thanks for leaving a comment.
    Just so you know, all the plugins that I mentioned are for wordpress. available to you on your website.
    Always a personal choice of what you want to accomplish with your blog.
    Writing what you want to is a good thing. I do that.
    What I would also like is for people who are interested in what I write – allow them to find it easier. Hence SEO.
    Sign up for google analytics and feedburner.
    Both are good for you to have.
    I appreciate your positive feedback.
    John D. Wilson

  5. Nice tips here. You said it perfectly — the SEO obstacle course. I’m not doing as much as I should and really need to make some improvements. Your post has just given me a little kick to get going. Thanks.

  6. John Wilson says:

    Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for stopping by, reading and leaving a comment.
    Yupper, all this stuff with blogs still confuses the heck out of me.
    Glad to hear the article was of use to you.
    Until next time,
    John D. Wilson

  7. I’ve been thinking about doing a post about writing for the web. It’s sure not as easy as writing for a newspaper or magazine.

    I’ve used 2 different SEO plugins – the All in One SEO Pack and now the WordPress SEO by Yoast. I prefer Yoast because it analyzes my posts and tells me how it rates.

    My rule of thumb is that I don’t pay for anything extra – except hosting – until my blog starts to pay for itself.

    Hang in there, John.

  8. John Wilson says:

    Hi Marcia,
    Thanks for taking the time to post a comment.
    Actually, I made enough money on web writing to pay for the SEOPressor plugin.
    Yeah it is definitely interesting writing, tweeting, linkedin and facebooking one way through the week.
    Maybe some other have tried SEO Yoast and could give some more feedback on it.
    This SEO and SMM is something that every body cannot get enough of, I think.
    Hang in there I will, Marcia.
    Cheers until next time.
    John D. Wilson

  9. I need one of those SEO for Dummies books so I can understand clearly what I need to be on the lookout for and be able to evaluate each product. Everyone says theirs is the best, of course. But it’s hard for the novices to know what and how to judge.

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  11. Sailor says:

    I think it happens with all the novices and I am not too worried about SEO. I am trying to figure out if SEO can work in my way :D

  12. John Wilson says:

    Hey Sailor,
    Yup, like anything one tries to learn, it is a bear trying to figure it out. Golf, investing, carpentry – all things are tough in the beginning.
    SEO just lets the story revolve around key words in your articles – makes the search engines find those better and quicker.
    I do not loose sleep over this stuff, but if one wants to do it right, one needs to understand the nuances of the web.
    Stay safe in your travels.
    John D. Wilson

  13. Hey John, SEO is something I definitely need to work on implementing and just plain trying to understand it better. This post has some great stuff in it and the comments have some other plugins I need to look into. The problem for me is time. I barely have to to write, tweet and facebook (which I’m horrible with). Guess I just need to block out some time and do it! thanks for this, its good to know I’m not alone in SEO confusion.

  14. John Wilson says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Nope – everyone doing this stuff is trying to figure it out and get more time to do what they need to do.
    I think once things get rolling,then hire someone out of India to take care of the grunt work of running the website.
    The website does nothing for the one working on it – it’s the posting, the interaction with others that will drive the business.
    But, in the beginning, the work has to be done by the owner of the blog.
    Nobody shoots to big money without a lot of work and energy put into all aspects of a business.
    All the answers are out there, just have to find the time to locate them and put them into practice.
    Always good to hear from you Debbie.
    Play nice and travel safely.
    John D. Wilson

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