Santo Thomas, Rama then border crossing to Costa Rica – Tamarindo now

Lots of driving over the last couple weeks.

The idea of getting to the biosphere was kind of squashed by the fact that it is almost impossible to get into the area unless you go upstream by boat. The land that is outside of Suina is cattle country,and they are not interested in having a road put in to allow tourists to get to the area.

Rio Blanco was the next stop after Suina, then Juigalpa.

Farms houses for workers

This is where the workers live at a farm in Nicaragua

Farm worker houses

These are the people that bring you organic coffee

From Juigalpa, which was not a great place to find a cheap place to stay, I went to Santo Thomas.

I found a reasonable place, wireless connection. Though it was not much of a town. Stayed one night, and headed to Rama.

Rama is the last town on the paved road that Nicaragua is building towards Bluefields. Right now, one can fly or take a boat to Bluefields, there is no road that goes there.

Not many hotels to choose from, so headed back to Santo Thomas for a night.

From there, I went to Esteli. This is a town that was the main base for the revolution when Ortega was fighting Samoza.

Mostly a coffee producing area, with not a lot of sites to see.

Nic Journey

My travels through Nicaragua

While there, one of the fellows I met in Honduras emailed me that he was in San Marcos, Nicaragua and wanted me to come visit him. Packed my bags, and headed back down to the main roads of Nicaragua.

Unfortunately, things did not work out, and I ended up staying in Casares once again.

Just like the first time, Patrice Glo was a great host.

Could not figure out where to stay, what to do, so I  felt it must be time to move on to Costa Rica.

Lucky I did do that, as my paper work for my car had expired, and I was getting fined about $2.00 per day. Another one of the many joys of trying to figure out the restrictions and regulations of the borders and officialdom.

Stayed in La Cruz for a couple days, then went to Samara.

Not the best of places – up and coming, but it has a lot of work to do.

Eventually found a place to stay in Tamarindo, with kitchen, hot water ( first time in months I have taken a hot shower!), good wifi connection and good old A/C.

I have a month to stay in this little one bedroom place.

I want to say I have a choice, but really, there is none. I get this internet thing going, period. There are no outs. This is the life I want.

Continue to follow to see how it goes.

Cheers for now.

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