Rain, states of emergency, Occupy Wall Street – interesting times

It’s been raining in Nicaragua for over a week now.

States of emergency in Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador.

People are dying because of the rains. Homes are being lost.Bridges and roads are disappearing because of the rains.

Costa Rica is getting hit hard by rain as is Honduras.

Wrong place at the wrong time – amazing amounts of rain in Casares.

I’ve stayed in Casares because I’ve tried to get my computer straightened around. I had a ram chip go bad. Fixed that.

Then my battery broke in half. How the heck does a battery in a laptop break in half? Beyond my comprehension.

Then with customs in Nicaragua, it took over a month to get the battery to the store in Managua.

Long story behind that!  Which I will not go into now.

Get it back to the hotel, it charges for a day, then stops charging.

Do all sorts of stuff – reset this, reload that and nothing gets the darn thing charging. Have to take a 1 1/2 hour trip back to Managua for the reseller to take a look at it.

Drive back to Managua, takes 3 hours to tell me that the mother board is bad. I swore the previous night I was not going to get upset about this stuff anymore.

( An aside please. I am so sick of hearing companies apologize for bad products and bad service. I have heard it from the bankers, Apple, the IRS, Olympus and soooo many others.  Don’t you get upset with this repetitive “We’re sorry?”

They even leave a message while your waiting like cattle going to the slaughter-house when your lined up to talk to a live person. “Your call is very important to us, we apologize for the delay – your call will be answered in the order it was received” Give me a bloody break!)

Anywho – where was I? Right – mother board. Lady tells me at the store – “Your computer is out of warranty, so we cannot replace the mother board. Order it from ebay or Amazon and we’ll install it for you. But, it costs more than a used computer with the same programs, so you’re better off with buying a refurbished computer”

Blood is flowing quite well now. This computer I have is less than 2 years old – new battery, new ram chip , now the main guts are shot. Well, I am not going to get upset.

I tell the woman to have the technician put my computer back together, I’ll call the computer company before I leave the store.

I get on skype.

(skype – what a marvellous concept of calling from a computer to any toll-free number in the world. Call any computer for free. Great concept, great service, great idea!)

Okey dokey – back to me calling the company. I get the call center guy and explain what I have gone through with this computer. Of course, he cannot help me. The people who first pick up the phone never can help. They always have to check with someone else. Alas, service is soooo poor these days.

I get a “senior” phone center guy – tell him my story. Tell him I am really upset but I am not going to get angry. Disappointed, I am. Brother and nephew have finally convinced me to go with a computer that costs way more than any other computer I have ever bought. It has now given me more problems than any other computer that I have owned.

“Senior” call center guy  says, “We’ll replace the mother board for free – shipping, installation and installation” I must have him repeat it, I do not believe it the first time. I would receive no better solution than this, even if I was upset. I have to remember this!

So, waiting now for a mother board to work its way through customs in Nicaragua. 2 days to get from the states to here. Rest of the time is spent in customs.

Why? I have no earthly idea – it is the way of governments.

It is the way of Ortega, president of Nicaragua, stating that the constitution was unconstitutional for him not to be able to run for a 3rd term. The idea of stacking the court system to make sure that bit of unconstitutional rulings backed his idea.

He was the man for bringing Nicaragua out of a great economic system of whopping wages of less than $5.00 per day. Whoopee and hallelujah.

That makes as much sense as having my mother board and battery sit in customs longer that the shipping from the USA. Just mind-boggling what politicians do.

Then I’ve been watching this Occupy whatever comes to mind. Occupy Wall Street, Occupy the FED, Occupy Washington next – that where the crux of the problem is.

Can the people who make up the crowds of these Occupy thingy’s articulate grievances?

Yupper, they can. It’s global warming, genetic engineering of foods, it’s the buggers on Wall Street who are making – oops. The banks are not on Wall Street. Bank of America is out of N. Carolina. AIG is in Washington, as are Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Those are the ones making the bonuses – not the guys on Wall Street.

I figured this out 4 years ago. The government was going to get really, blatantly corrupt once the bailouts started with Bush. Obama was going to take it to the next level. This was one of the reasons I left the USA.

It took the Occupy Wall Street and all the others 4 years to figure out that they were angry? Toooo funny.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) is showing how well they are going along with the propaganda coming out of Washington. They do not “get” what the people are angry about? They do not understand? Are they complete imbeciles?

Amerikans are serfs.

They work to support the banks.

They work to support the massive debt they’ve sunk themselves into either through going to school and financing it, or living way beyond their means.


They’ve elected officials that run Washington, the states and cities just like they live their own lives.

With the rains coinciding with many problems with my computer, watching these government officials “work for the people’ (NOT), and the crowds coming to their senses 4 years after the fact – quite the interesting times.

The weather just fits into my mood! And all the other stuff that I allow to pile on is icing on the cake.

I watch over the last week, and the fishermen stuck on shore. The Pacific is way to rough for the small boats to go out.

They do not go out, they do not earn money.

They do not earn money, they do not eat.

They live boat load of fish to boat load fish. If it stops, they suffer. They do not worry about politicians or occupying anything but their boats.

A computer is way out there as an item that is frivolous at best.

My life could be in worse shape. My mood could be more down.

My life ain’t  all that bad  –  when I look at how others are living and suffering.

Interesting times with the rains, states of emergency and watching the Occupy Wall Street crowds .

Who in power has ever done the best for their citizens?

Cheers for now






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4 Responses to Rain, states of emergency, Occupy Wall Street – interesting times

  1. Trey Morison says:

    Nice post. It is raining here too.

  2. John Wilson says:

    Hi Trey,
    I met the fellow that is setting up your farm on the coast of Panama when I was there. That is how I learned about your blog.
    I like your blog! Great ideas and it sounds like we have very similar beliefs.
    I figured all of Central America was having problems with this rain.
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.
    John D. Wilson

  3. Wow I can’t believe you had to go through all that hastle. But learning about the hardships of others really helps to put our trials into perspective. One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how bad I think I have, there is always someone else who has it worse. That thought always help me be thankful for the things I have, instead of wishing for the things I don’t.

  4. John Wilson says:

    Good attitude to have.
    All in the perspective of one self. Casares was not that big a deal during the emergency, other than being without power for 4 days.
    Thanks for leaving a comment.
    John D. Wilson

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