Poncho Villa and Parral, Mexico

Visited Parral, Mexico. Didn’t know it was the city in which Poncho Villa was assassinated!

It’s really kind of a Mexican tourist town right now. It might have been different before the drugs lords went on a rampage, with the government retaliating by sending in the military and federal police.

I’ll mention that again – big military and police presence in the town. Sub – machine guns on top of trucks for the military and 4×4’s for the federals.

Municipal police are directing traffic and enforcing the traffic laws.

I will state that the town’s people are friendly. I met many that spoke English.

I’m sitting on a park bench one afternoon, and a fellow comes up and starts talking to me.

Long story short, it eventually leads to a band wanting to play a song for me.

I ask, “Would they like to be on Youtube?”

He asks them in Spanish, and the response was a resounding, “SI!”

“Give me 5 minutes, and I’ll get my camera from the hotel, and I’ll record them”, I reply.

So, here they are – Clave Nortena – never seen before on the web! Their first song:

Getting a bit carried away, but what the heck – their second song.

By jove, we got an audience going here and they want to play one more song for “yatube”. Got plenty of disk space on the ol’ camera – go for it, guys!

By the time these guys get done, they’ve got an audience of about 100 people. No hat for tips, unheard of to do in Mexico. But, the band does play for tips in bars around the town – go figure…..

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