Photos From the Journey – Part 1 Birds

It’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog. One reason or another, the “thrill” of blogging has left.

Himming and hawwwing about how to get back into writing, and I finally realized, as the Nike commercial says, “Just Do It!”

So, I’m a doing. I’ve got so many photos in my Lightroom Catalog, I figured that’s a good place to start. Post the pics, and clean out the catalog.

I love watching birds. Particularly in Central and South America. Colorful and easy to photograph at certain times and in certain places.

Let’s get to it! Lets look at some birds  photographed in Central and South America.

I’m not a “birder” so I don’t know the name of most of these birds. If you, the reader, do, please leave the name of any bird within the comment section of the blog. Really, I’d appreciate knowing the names of some if these aviary wonders!

These little buggers are quite common in Central America. Thought the picture gives the reader a good look at the bird.

little yellow bird

As stated in the blog, if you know this ones name, please let me know in the comment section

I would title the next one “Food!”


Looks like they’re after some food I put out for them.

I loved watching these guys stalk their prey. Slowly and very precise actions.

The following photos are from Cancun, Mexico. Towards the local beaches there’s  a swamp area that’s protected because of alligators. This is where I caught these birds stalking their prey.

A bird from Cancun, Mexico

A bird searching for prey in Cancun, Mexico

Another bird in the same area of Cancun, searching for prey. Lot of searching goin’ on!!

Birds in Cancun, Mexico

Hunting for prey in Cancun, Mexico

Looks like we have another stalker looking for prey!


Another bird stalking its prey

I like to call this one the leopard bird. Just because of the coloring.

Leopard Bird

“Leopard” bird searching for prey in Cancun, Mexico

The following are birds found in an estuary on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, outside of Merida, Mexico

A two-headed seagull or just twins?


Two headed pelican or twins?

Of course one has to have the obligatory pink flamingo picture – and standing on one leg is also a requirement! So, here’s my pink flamingo picture!

Pink Flamingo

Pink flamingo from the Yucatán in Mexico

I learned there are endangered pelicans. I believe the next two pictures are of those endangered ones, but I could be wrong.

Brown Seagulls

Brown Seagulls

Don’t know the particular species of this pelican, but he sure has some nice colors to him.

Colored Pelican

Colored Pelican from The Yucatan in Mexico

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4 Responses to Photos From the Journey – Part 1 Birds

  1. Susan says:

    Great photos, John!

  2. Bob G says:

    Always interesting and always appreciated John. Hope you are doing just great. Thanks very much!

  3. John Wilson says:

    Thanks for the comment, Susan. Greatly appreciated.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the photos!
    Travel safely and play nice out there!!

  4. John Wilson says:

    Hey, Bob.
    Good to hear from you.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Must be quite the challenge – you should have lots of clients – with all the crazies in the U.S.
    Pretty amazing what the citizens have become, isn’t it?
    So much for the land of individual freedom and limited government.

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