Photos from the Copper Canyon

Here are some photos I took while I moseyed through the Copper Canyon in Mexico.

Remote, an indigenous tribe (Tarahumara), deep gorges (deeper than the Grand Canyon) and a marijuana producing area –  an interesting combination of items!

Copper Canyon Cliffs

A trip to the vista at Rocawata, outside of Creel, Mexico

Copper Canyon

The river that helped carve the Copper Canyon in Mexico

Copper Canyon

The Copper Canyon get’s it’s name from the coper colors in the cliffs

Copper Canyon

Part of the Copper Canyon are twice as deep as the grand Canyon

Copper Canyon trail

A trail leading down to the bottom of the Copper Canyon. A swimming area has been set up about 2 miles from the top of the Copper Canyon.

Copper Canyon and my Tilley hat

My Tilley hat and backpack take a break. Best hat I’ve ever owned!

Some panorama pictures from the Copper Canyon in Mexico.

Divisadero vista

Great vista at Divisadero – worth the drive from Creel. Mexico

Divisadero view

The Copper Canyon train stops here for about 15 minutes – worth getting off and taking a look!

Rocowata vista

Rocowata view – about 15 KM outside of Creel, Mexico

Strip mine

This is a gold mine, just outside of Parral, Mexico. This is what a strip mine looks like

 Guachochi Drive

This is on the way from Guachochi to Batopilas, Mexico

Cusarare Waterfall

Cusarare Waterfall Creel, Mexico

Cusarare waterfall path

Cusarare Waterfall path to the bottom of the waterfall. Pretty easy walk

 Snake at Cusarare Waterfall

Just pay attention to where you walk when in the Copper Canyon

Herd of goats tended by the Tarahumara

Goat and this other one decides to get in the picture – little bugger!

Goat face

Goat from a herd tended by the Tarahumara

Copper Canyon Cliff

The Copper Canyon gets it’s name from the looks of copper in the cliffs

Dirt road from Guachochi to Batopilas, Mexico

This is the better part of the road from Guachochi to Batopilas, Mexico

Yoquivo, Mexico

NNOt to many people have been to this “metropolis” – best they could do for a central park for the town. Middle of no where – no hotel in sight!

Clouded road - on my way to Batopilas, Mexico

Going into the clouds on my way from Guachochi to Batopilas, Mexico

Cloud Break

Breaking through the clouds on the way to Batopilas, Mexico


Another beautiful vista on the way from Guachochi to Batopilas, Mexico

Batopilas, Mexico

Batopilas, Mexico – finally after 6 hours on a dirt road!

Good Road out of Batopilas, Mexico

What a road – mudslides, rock slides on the good road out of Batopilas, Mexico

Copper Canyon rain

It can be raining in one part of there canyon, and sunny elsewhere!

Iglesias San Miguel de Satevo

Iglesias San Miguel de Satevo, also known as “The Lost Mission” outside Batopilas, Mexico

Tarahumara child

One of the kids from the Tarahumara people

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon never ceased to amaze me

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon view – wait 5 minutes, the weather changes, and the look is entirely different

Tarahumara houses

Typical houses of the Tarahumara in Mexico

Stream through Creel, Mexico

A stream that flows through the town of Creel, Mexico


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