El Bejuco Waterfalls, Pico Bonito National Park, La Ceiba, Honduras

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I like to drive around, see what’s close to the town I’m staying in. This is what I saw when I took a side street that follows the Cangrejal River that flows out of Pico Binito National Park. The photo is … Continue reading

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Bird’s Shot Along the Way – In Pictures

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I like birds. And depending on the area, you get different birds. So, I try and shoot some, now and then. Sometimes I get lucky, most often times I do not. Such are the hassles of photography. Every once in … Continue reading

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El Chepe Passenger Line, Copper Canyon, Mexico

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Here are some photos I took while on the passenger train from Creel, Mexico to El Fuerte, Mexico. The train then turns around in Los Mochas, and follows the same route back. (I had a car in Creel – could’t … Continue reading

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Time for Posting Photos! The Semuc Champey Pools

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Man, I got so many photos, good ones and bad ones. I’ll throw out the bad ones, unless I thinks  some greatly important info caught in the pic that would cause the world to stop if I didn’t show it. … Continue reading

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Mexico in 6 Months in a Ford Explorer 4×4 Sport

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Can’t believe I spent 6 months in Mexico – traveled slower than I ever had, and it WASN’T slow enough. After visiting my bro and sis-in-law in Congress, AZ. I headed down the west coast of Mexico. Reminded me a … Continue reading

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On the Road for Over a Year!

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Good golly, Miss Molly! I’ve ben on the road over a year now. Don’t seem like it. Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica – missed ol’ El Salvador and Belize. Contemplating going back to Mexico, and then coming back … Continue reading

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Creel, Mexico – A Base for the Copper Canyon

Well, the month long stay in Creel, Mexico is coming to a close. Glad I decided to stay here for a month. Creel is a good place to use for a base to see the Copper Canyon. The sites I’ve … Continue reading

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Photos from the Copper Canyon

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Here are some photos I took while I moseyed through the Copper Canyon in Mexico. Remote, an indigenous tribe (Tarahumara), deep gorges (deeper than the Grand Canyon) and a marijuana producing area –  an interesting combination of items! Some panorama … Continue reading

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