Lago Yojoa, Honduras – Adios, Sabanagrande, Honduras – Bienvendidos

After staying in Lago Yojoa for over a month, and a torrential downpour the last night I was there, I decided it was time to move on. I received an invitation to stay in Sabanagrande, and arrived late about 10:30 PM Friday night. (2/18/2011)

I stayed in Lago Yojoa to help the owner set up a website for his hotel – El Cortijo del Lago. His new website is found here –

Lake Yojoa Honduras

El Cortijo del Lago


Parrot Victoria at El Cortijo del Lago, Honduras


Boa Constrictor at El Cortijo del Lago, Honduras

I also worked with one of his employees – Kelvin Portillo – who set up his own website in Spanish – his website is here –

El Cortijo del Lago

Both have possibilities to help El Cortijo del Lago get more guests and improve business at the hotel,restaurant and marina. A good establishment with good potential. Now it is in the hands of the owner and his employee.


Bird of Lago Yojoa, Honduras

Bird at Lago Yojoa, Honduras

While at El Cortijo del Lago, my mother passed away, which put me into somewhat of a funk.

No real agenda of what I am trying to do on the blog, my mother passing away and a general lack of direction have compounded problems with writing articles. One does need to have a plan to figure out where the “finish line” is. Where am I headed and what to I want to do?

I think these items are what I want to get across in the blog:

1) There are people doing some real interesting things in the world – and I want you to read about them.

2) There are sites that a traveler should see. the ones you read about in the brochures for sure, also the out-of-the-way, little known sites – these are the ones I really like and would want to write about. The ones I really like to visit – not many tourists, and the locals love to see visitors from other countries.

3) What a traveler can do to make money while traveling – thus paying for the trip.

4) For people who feel trapped and do not think there is another alternative. Doing the same mundane things day in and day out – there are alternative ways to make a living. Not just traveling, but working with local people in other countries to help improve their lives while still living comfortably running a business.

These four things are what I am going to write about, on a consistent basis.

The funk is over, the pedal hits the metal, once again.

Forward progress is occurring. I actually got a check over the weekend for articles I wrote on So I am now a paid, published writer. So cooooool!

I have now helped 5 hotels set up websites. No one has followed through with anything, but that is NOT my responsibility. They now have the site, they have the tools. If they do not want to do anything with the sites – so be it.

Here’s the thing – the internet is a vehicle that helps businesses. If the business owner does not use the internet, he/she is just hurting themselves by not utilizing one of the most important business tools out there now! It is the business owner that is missing the chance to garner business. Oh, what people miss by not thinking about utilizing the avenues that are available to them!

Birds of Lago Yojoa, Honduras

Hawk flying Lago Yojoa, Honduras


1st stop Copan Ruinas 2nd stop Trujillo 3rd stop Lago Yojoa 4th stop Sabanagrande


So, where have I been in the 60 days I have been in Honduras?

Copan Ruinas, Trujillo, Lago Yojoa and now Sabanagrande. Fun times in all 4 places so far. All worth the time and effort to visit these locations.

What are the interesting things I have done?

Trujillo is one of the oldest towns in Central America – interesting place to visit.

Copan Ruinas – probably the biggest tourist attraction in the country.

Pulhapanzak Waterfall – the biggest waterfall in Honduras

Lago Yojoa – the largest freshwater lake in Honduras

Parque Nacional Cerro Azul – the cloud forest by Panacam Hotel – about 20 minutes from Lagoa Yojoa.

Now in Sabanagrande, staying with an American expat who runs a handicraft business here. Interesting story that I will talk about in my next post.

Pedal to the metal with some blogging. Forward motion again!

Cheers for now!

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