La Libertad, Tunco Beach, El Salvador – last day

Well, last day in Playa el Tunco, just outside of La Libertad, El Salvador.

Quite the relaxing time-surf, sand and pool. Hot and enjoyable. Room was ok, and I have found on the hot nights, if I have a blasting fan, I can sleep well. Cool stuff.

The road into La Libertad and Tunco was a good road, and the area was pleasant enough. Hot days, cool nights and the atmosphere of surfing as the utmost important thing in the world.

Surfer dudes and dudettes, boards and wax, travelers galore. The towns along the shores supply the hotels and restaurants to accommodate the guys and gals that arrive for the surf.

There are those, too, that come to do good works.

Met a group that was building a bridge that washed out due to the rains that occurred awhile back.

The towns people presently have to travel miles down to the main road, cross there and then travel miles back up to get to the other side of town.

Bridges to Prosperity is the organization’s name and their website here.

Gangs wait for school children when they travel down to go to the other side of town for the school and rob them. The people want to go to a clinic, again the same thing happens.

In my travels I have seen many police and federal army men, but they are more concerned with major crimes vs. combating the gangs and petty thefts. Such are the joys of living in a 3rd world country.

Stayed in a hotel named GL- X or GI- X, not really sure. Looked for a web page, but alas, like so many hotels down here, nothing comes up.

Hotel was $8.00 per night, pool and about a 5 minute walk to the beach and surf. About a 15 minute walk into the center of town. Good folks run the place, and this author would recommend the hotel if one is looking for inexpensive places to stay.

Sunsets were great, along with the scenery once one gets into the hills that lead into the mountains along the coast.

This is not a subtle grade up into the mountains of El Salvador, but quick and dramatic change. This is true throughout the country. Dramatic changes within a short drive.

Additional photos of a soccer match, the beach I was on, etc. are located here. (El Salvador pictures)

The last set of pictures is from La Libertad, the biggest city in the beach zone. Still part of the surfing area, which stretches about 40 miles along the El Salvador coast.

Overall, a rugged country. Lots of sugar cane and coffee being produced.

The advertisers are at it big time, trying to get the Salvadorans to consume, just like America.

Good luck with that, considering the difference in class structure – you either have, or you do not. Middle class is small, but it is changing, just like Guatemala.

On to the south of El Salvador. You can drive the country in about 4 hours. I figure I have a 2 month visa, might as well take my time and see the country side.

Cheers for now.

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