I’ll call this the rock crew post – manual labor vs labor saving

You see this all over Guatemala.

Here you have a boulder, that will likely breakaway from the mountain.

If that happens, the condominiums on the opposite side of the road would be destroyed.

Rock Crew 1

Small chisel vs big boulder

These guys are working on removing this boulder by hand-no big machinery, no jack hammer, just 5 guys working with a small chisel to get this boulder out from the side of this mountain.

I cannot imagine trying to chisel this thing away. Lots of time and effort to get this boulder out of the hillside.

Good luck with that extraction!

Rock Crew 2

Long ways down, no doubt

This is true whether it be road work, rebuilding a bridge or any other major repairs/construction.

These people are not afraid to work, or to put themselves in danger.Notice these guys are working with tennis shoes, no hard hats and no real safety net.

Lax safety for the workers, and not much labor-saving devices.

rock crew 4

Supervisor is the guy on the ground

rock crew 3

Up from the boulder we go!

Well, I am sure that they will eventually get that boulder down.

Better them then me, is all I can say!

Cheers for now.

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