How to launch a 23 foot boat from the beach in Casares, Nicaragua

This how the fishermen in Casares, Nicaragua launch their boats from the beach.

First things first – the equipment’s hauled from home. I have seen these fisherman hauling these carts up to 4 miles away from the beach.

The fishermen load up the carts with their outboard motors, nets, anchors, buoys, and any other items they may need.

Most of the trip is a paved road. It does get tough when they arrive at the beach – the carts really sink into the sand.

cart 1

cart 2

Outboard motor used by fishermen here in Casares, Nicaragua

cart 3

Food court

The women you see in the last picture above do many things.

They serve coffee in the morning, breakfast, lunch and pastries to the fishermen.

Some also weigh the fish and buy them from the fishermen.

Everyone multitasks to make a few extra dollars.

boat storage 1 boat storage 3 

This is the boat storage area – right on the beach.

Some of the fishermen own their boats, some rent them from owners, who may own up to 5 or 6 boats.


start launch launch 2

This is the launch sequence. Tip the boat up to get two logs underneath the boat, then roll the boat on top of the logs towards the ocean.

As the log gets to the back of the boat, tip the boat, and take that log to the front. Repeat until the boat is close to the ocean.

The fishermen wait for the sea to come in and help with leverage for pushing the boat out to sea. All the while making sure the stern is always pointed towards the sea. Not an easy task at times!

Mission accomplished! Outboard is roaring away, and there heading out to sea!

These guys love catching the waves and bouncing into the air. One thing about Latin America, the want to go as fast as possible.

The day’s done. Fishermen sitting around and talking about the catch and the local gossip.

The sun fades into the Pacific Ocean, setting on another day.

Tomorrow, these fishermen get up and do it again!


cart 1

That, my friends, is how you launch a 23 foot boat from the shores of Casares, Nicaragua.

Cheers for now.

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  1. senafp says:

    The everyday life of a fisherman….all those boats on the beach look so colorful.. Great blog!!

  2. John Wilson says:

    Thanks Senaf,
    For leaving a comment.
    Thank you for the compliment on the blog.
    John D.Wilson

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