How to be almost totally free – a view from an anarchist.

This is a repost from Rick’s Pick, and email newsletter I’ve received over the years.

Rick is a pretty smart guy, and he has some pretty smart followers. He is not so proud of himself as to just limit the ideas of his own, he also allows his followers to share some of their thoughts.

Here is a guest post from Carole Gibson on her life as a self-described anarchist.

I always enjoy reading posts from those who take responsibility for their own actions, who do things outside the box and are not afraid to stand up for themselves and their rights.

I think this is a very good read, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Without further introduction, here is Carole’s guest post on Rick’s Picks.

An Anarchist Explains How to Be Truly Free
[What does it take to live in America as a truly free person? More sacrifices than you might imagine, actually. The author of the guest commentary below, self-described Anarchist Carole Gibson, never lets the government dictate the terms of her life. That means, for one, avoiding airports and commercial jets, where she would be subjected to all of the rules and intrusions that most of us have come to grudgingly accept. Not Carole, though. A regular contributor to the Rick’s Picks forum, she explains below how she strives to keep herself beyond the reach, both legally and literally, of Government. RA]

Tired of living under the heavy hand of government? My advice is to stop complaining and do something about it. No, I don’t mean demonstrate, write “your” representatives or vote; I mean take your life into your own hands and create the freedom you desire without waiting for someone else to do it for you. I have found ways to exist in this world maximizing my personal freedom and you can do it too. I believe that the best government is that which governs least. In fact, my beliefs about government are anarchical. My definition of anarchy is “a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society”. Under this definition, I am absolutely an Anarchist.

Governments that use force to impose their will on people without the people’s consent are incompatible with a free society. When I write “consent,” I specifically mean each individual’s consent to be governed; I do not mean any implied consent supposedly given by the collective. For example, my neighbor, my neighbor’s ancestor, or my neighbor’s representative cannot give their consent for me to be governed. When governments like that of the U.S. use force through fines, taxes, licenses, property confiscation, violence, or jails to achieve their goals of control, those who live under it are not free; for, freedom means one has the power to make one’s own decisions about one’s own life, body, and property, including one’s labor (which is also one’s property). I laugh when I hear people talk about themselves as being free in the U.S., as they obviously have no idea what freedom means. As Goethe stated, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”! When I speak to people who are oblivious to this idea (most everyone, that is), I often call the U.S. “the land of the fee and home of the slave”.

Since Anarchy (or any sane political system) is not going to come about in my lifetime, I decided to create my own freedom. This journey started with an intense study of law and history. I fell just shy of a J.D. degree during my studies of the law. I have defended myself in courts many times, up to and including the level of State Supreme Court, and in multiple actions. I have been jailed twice for my political beliefs but for only 72 hours each time, as I discovered they can’t hold you any longer without your consent. Many of these situations I intentionally put myself in so that I could further my studies. I failed in some but I also succeeded in some. But what I learned was priceless!

USA ‘Just a Corporation’

What I found out is that governments really don’t have any authority over anyone if you know what you are doing. You see, governments (Federal and State) are nothing more than corporations — fictions dreamed up in the minds of greedy elitist. (28 USC § 3002 (15)- “United States” means— (A) a Federal corporation). These governments are really no different from Wal-Mart. When one is working for Wal-Mart, they most certainly can control one’s hours, pay, conduct, dress and benefits, etc. Similarly, under U.S. law, you are presumed to be working 24/7 for U.S. Inc. Why? When you (or your parents) applied for Social Security benefits, you became eligible to receive retirement and survivor benefits from U.S. Inc., and by this act you became, under U.S. law, “federal personnel” (5 USC §552a (a)(13), the term “federal personnel” meaning “… individuals entitled to receive immediate or deferred retirement benefits under any retirement program of the Government of the United States (including survivor benefits)”). Also look into the charter that created the GEICO insurance company. Do you know what the acronym GEICO stands for? Government Employees Insurance Company. How can you buy insurance from them when their corporate charter states that they will sell insurance only to government employees? Also try to buy insurance from them without providing evidence that you are federal personnel (i.e., having a Social Security number).

14th Amendment and Citizenship

A friend of mine once asked “if my mother gave birth to me while she was staying at a corporately owned Boy Scout camp, would I be born a Boy Scout?” The obvious answer is, of course not. So why is it that we have bought into believing that we are all “U.S. citizens” by virtue of where our mothers happen to have been when they gave birth to us?

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Since the United States is just a corporation, how then could a living being be born in a corporation? The “person” referred to in the 14th Amendment who is “born” (i.e., brought into existence) in the “United States” (a corporation) is in fact nothing more than a new corporate entity created and owned by U.S. Inc. When reading the 14th Amendment, one should also notice, using English grammar rules, that if the 14th Amendment had referred to a landmass, it would have stated “born on the United States”.

Natural law, or the law of nature, holds that corporations cannot control their creators, the people; however, corporations can control their own creations – other corporations. Since U.S. Inc creates the “person,” under natural law the U.S. can most definitely control, regulate, and dictate everything for its creation. Any statute that you may have read will always refer to the statute being applicable only to “persons” and never to people. Because government corporations only deal with the “person,” you are tricked into thinking and acting as if that “person” were you!

Be an Alien!

Since U.S. Inc only controls its own creations, if you want true freedom you must conduct yourself and your business as an alien to their corporation: “An alien owes no allegiance or obedience to our government, or to our constitution, laws, or proclamations. A citizen subject is bound to obey them all.”.

Take, for example, Obama’s Health Care Act, which clearly states that aliens are exempt from having to be covered by any health insurance policy that is mandatory for U.S. citizens. Most Americans read that as some kind of benefit to the “illegal aliens,” whereas what it really means is that U.S. Inc. is admitting it has no authority over entities that it has not created and does not own. If you take the time to understand all of this, you’ll realize that you can enjoy true freedom by conducting yourself as an alien to U.S. Inc! (And luckily, it is quite possible).

Steven F., a frequent contributor to the Rick’s Picks forum, used to write about allodial titles for owning land. Allodial means the landowner is the highest authority on his land. What Steve did not mention is that allodial property rights still do exist today, as all land was passed from the King or the U.S. government after their conquest or purchase using land patents/grants to private people. These land patents/grants passed all rights (including mineral, water, taxation, etc.) to the patent/grant holders and “their heirs and assigns forever”. For instance, if the original land patent/grant said the land was not taxable (some do), then it still is not taxable today once that claim is brought forward and defended.

With the information that I have learned, as revealed above, I have been able to find a moderate degree of freedom while living on the landmass known as the United States. However some of the areas that I have not been able to find any freedom are: flying on a commercial airline without being irradiated or sexually assaulted by TSAA (so I choose not to fly any longer, remembering that flying is not an absolute right); being intentionally poisoned with fluoride and other toxic chemicals in my food and water; and keeping my currency from being debased.

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