Hotel Casino’s resident computer/phone/printer technician – Emerson Rocha

Let me introduce you to Emerson Rocha, the resident computer technician here at Hotel Casino.

He’s a graduate of a Managua technical school, and if you have a problem with a computer, he’s the man to see. He’s put ram in my Mac, figuring out that one of the chips had blown.

He then added extra ram to the computer, which makes it run faster! Which is really great.

He also followed Apples instructions to take the battery out of the computer, because it had broken in half.

I’ve seen him repair phones within a matter of hours – soldering connections back together that had gone bad. Cleaning up a phone that had dropped into water.

He’s repaired GPS systems for the fishermen.

All with a limited a limited amount of tools.

You have a need for Printer Inks?

Emerson has the tools to take care of that for you, too. The syringe that’s needed to replace both the colour and black inks is at his command. He also carries has the cartridges that contain all the colour and black inks.

My recommendation – if you have a problem with your computer, phone or need refills of ink for your printer, it is definitely worth the while to pay Emerson Rocha a visit here at the Hotel Casino here in Casares, Nicaragua.

Cheers for now.

(I received payment to write this article about Printer Ink)


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