Here on Lago Yojoa, Honduras and I am PUMPED UP!

View from back window

View out my back window when working on this internet stuff!

(This was a post I did while I was staying at El Cortijo Del Lago. Before my niece introduced me to twitter and I started to get involved in ‘social media marketing”.

At this point in my travels, I was writing for, and The Big Mozey. I suddenly got a big increase in readership at I was ecstatic!

What it did was show me income was possible from writing, and the amount I made on this influx of traffic was enough to survive and live on the road)

Man , oh man, am I pumped up this morning! I could almost do cartwheels across the shores of Lago Yojoa.

I am thinking about buying some fireworks and setting them off!

In my last post I stated that the line was drawn, it was a now or never attitude about getting this internet stuff going.

I write for 3 places

1) The Big Mozey


3) Atlanta World Travel Examiner

I had set a goal of posting 5 comments on Twitter, and 5 comments on Facebook each day. Well I fell a bit short on that, posting only about 3 times yesterday.

Something happened though! For some reason I got into China big time on World Travel Examiner! Over 800 hits from China yesterday on my examiner pages. I have no idea why, what I did that got their attention, but I will take it.

Actually a grand total of 1,324 hits on examiner, which means there were more than 500 people in the rest of the world that looked at my site. Way too cool, man!

Increased new viewers on The Big Mozey and hubpages, too. Up to 187 page views on hubpages, where I was lucky averaging 150 views.  On The Big Mozey – on my home page – I picked up another 5 new viewers.

It is funny, while I travel alone, the self talking that I do.

1) “You can do this, John”.

2) “You are not going to die down here, you will figure this web stuff out”.

3) “John, you have money in the bank, you are not going to starve to death down here”.

4)  ” All the information that you need is right in front of you , you just have to find it”.

5) “John, you are an intelligent guy, college grad, you can figure this stuff out!”

These are just a few of the conversations I have with myself. I will not share with you the self talk when I am going down one of these awful dirt roads, or get stuck spending the night in the jungle!

From the results from google analytics, it seems that posting on twitter and Facebook can give ones writings a good shot in the arm.

You will also notice a little tweaking of the website. I have taken the posts off the sidebar and put them on a posting page, with the newer posts showing at the top of the page. I think this looks better, and would love to hear your views on the new layout.

No more followers on any of the sites. Darn!

I have 3 new comments on Just realized yesterday that those were coming from readers. Golly, so much to learn and pay attention too. Even had one reader basically say, “If you spell this poorly, good luck with your internet plans.”!

Oh, the trials and tribs of being a writer on the internet.

A couple of new goals for The Big Mozey:

1) Front page counter – I would like to see that hit 850 – 18 more unique visitors taking a look .

2)  Average amount of readers on hubpages for the week – 200. I have 187, so just looking to pick up 13 more readers.

Glad I decided to put the plan out in public view. It will show whether I can do this or not. The explanations of what to do are on the internet, all I just need to do the tasks.

Positive stuff, which is what I really needed to get more focused on The Big Mozey, and

Cheers for now

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