Happy New Year! Saddling up for the New Year!

Happy new year

Fresh face with all the happiness in the world

Fresh face, excited about life

This is my buddy, Marlyn, whose mother comes in from Honduras every other day to sell fruit in Somoto, Nicaragua. She comes in by bus, with a bucket of oranges and grapefruit. Her sales make her enough money for the bus ride and living. Pretty amazing, eh?

Poor as poor can be, but you could never tell it from Marlyn’s face. The look of happiness and joy just seems to exude from here every time I see her.

We sit at a bus stop, chat and play.


Wonder what happened to that joyousness in me. I know I had it when I was younger, and then……..?

A little cynical?

I probably come across like this

Unfortunately, I probably come across like this woman to the left – looking a bit cynical at everything, not really looking forward to much.

How things have changed since I have gotten older.

Not for the better, either.

A curmudgeon look on my face, and a cynical view of the world.

The nice thing about life is that one can change, which is the goal for the New Year.
Don’t get me wrong! I am still easily amazed at the things I see in my travels. From scenic views from mountain tops, to women washing clothes in streams and the effort to build beautiful church’s amid such poverty. All pretty amazing stuff!

Life ain't that bad
My life ain’t that bad

Totogalpa church

Totogalpa, Nicaragua church

So, it seems, that it’s time to get back on the horse and start riding once again. I’m back to sharing what’s going on in my travels. Fresh new face vs. the curmudgeon face. Hopefully sharing all the fun stuff that I run into with the people who I meet and the things that I see!

Time to saddle up again!

Time to saddle up again!

Getting the horse ready to ride once again

Getting the horse ready to ride

Gustavo Buscardo

Gustavo Buscardo from Esteli, Nicaragua

Louis Enrique

Louis Enrique warming up for a concert

I watched a concert here in Somoto, Nicaragua.

There was a young fellow who opened for the main guy, Louis Enrique – an uncle to a popular, young Luis Enrique that lives in the US.

His name was Gustavo Bucardo, and he was a pretty good guitar player. Unfortunately, the people in the audience did not come to see him, they came to see Louis Enrique. Lots of noise when he was playing, as people chatted and waited for the main act.

What made it interesting to watch was the fact it did not seem to bother Gustavo in the least. He sang and played as if he had the full attention of the small audience. Really, it looked like he thought he was playing and singing to thousands. His enthusiasm came across as I watched.

(You can watch Gustavo at the concert here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=289970794387464

Luis Enrique here: http://youtu.be/MDMBcM6ZUKU) )

Gustavo reminded me of all the travel blogs that I read.

You guys and gals all plug along, writing for an audience that may, or may not, be there. You do it because you love what you do. You do it for thousands of potential readers!

You have all given me encouragement and knowledge from your blogs.

Isn’t it great to watch others grow over a time?

I’ve seen improvements in almost all the sites that I follow – increased readership, more comments being made and better writing.

Thanks to all travel the travel writers out there. You have helped me with what you do.

My wish for all the travel bloggers – I hope you get hundreds of thousands of followers that all click your ads and buy your products!

May you all have a great and happy New Year.



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10 Responses to Happy New Year! Saddling up for the New Year!

  1. Hey John,

    Nice article. It is hard to keep a “childish” outlook to travel but that is really what is needed to enjoy all the unique things we are privileged to see everyday. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Sailor says:

    Hi John,

    Great post! Nice to see your new post coming up in my Facebook again. I am glad to see that you have some new things coming up in the New Year and all the best. You have some very interesting and “True” pictures of Nicaragua. I still can’t forget your post about a Slot in Panama. I know that post is somewhere in this blog but I can’t forget the picture.

    I am growing thin with my Cruise Pictures so I am concentrating on going local.

    Have fun and I am sure you enjoy the great job you are doing!

  3. Silverboom says:

    Nice to see you writing again, John. You’ve come a long ways since your first blog post – sometimes it pays to look back to see how far you’ve come. Then you can appreciate how you’ll continue to improve in the coming months.

    Stay safe out there.


  4. Hey John, Happy New Year to you too!

    I love the picture of your friend Marlyn. So cute and yes, so full of contentment.

    Looking forward to reading your posts during 2012.

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