Granada, Nicaragua – 30 Days is Plenty

Yupper, 30 days in Granada, Nicaragua is plenty of time for all there is to do in the city.

One of the oldest towns in Central America, if not the oldest.

It all revolves around a listing of the city in the Crown of Aragon, and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain.

Granada was listed, other cites that were older weren’t, therefore Granada – due to this listing – is considered by some – to be the oldest city in Central America.

History’s fun stuff, ain’t it?

The following pictures are of the old hospital, one of the few buildings in town that have not been rebuilt.

It’s a neat old place, and a fun place to take pictures.


The old abandoned hospital in Granada, Nicaragua

hospital 1

A slightly different view of the abandoned hospital

old hospital Granada, Nicaragua

Old hospital in Granada and it’s grounds


Unlike Antigua, where damaged buildings lie in ruins because of earthquakes, Granada is old buildings that have been rebuilt and that are in good shape.

The city was founded in 1524 and is Nicaragua’s 6th most populous city.

Lots of foreign influence – Irish pubs, big retirement homes, John Lennon advertising a bar along the “touristy” area that’s a big draw for visitors.

Typical foreign influence in a Latin America country.

What’s to see?

Well, there are 6 big, old churches that draw a lot of tourists – both foreign and Nicaraguan.

1) Iglesia La Merced 2) Iglesia de Xalteva 3) Guadalupe Church 4) San Francisco Church

5) Cathedral of Granada 6) Convento San Francisco

Big, old churches are in most towns “must see” lists.

And the UNESCO World heritage site, Granada, is no different.

Guadalupe Church

The Guadalupe Church is on the outskirts of town, heading east towards the lake


Guadalupe Church

The church grounds are also home to a small college

Once you see those, there’s a small school for artists that’s kind of interesting.

I’d classify it as a sweat shop, the city is awfully hot.

But, the artistic works of the students are kind of interesting. And no, they’re not forced to do anything – it’s just God awful hot where they work!

Best place to eat in the town for breakfast is “Kathy’s Waffle House”.

Kind of funky, don’t ya think?

Kathy’s place in the middle of a Nicaraguan town. Such is life on the road!

Church’s – in Granada, Nicaragua, gotta see the church’s. It’s part of the apartment lease. You pay rent, you go take pictures of churches, put ’em on the internet.

You do that, you get all your deposit back on your lease. (No, I’m kidding – not a requirement on the lease, and there’s no police that make sure you do the “obligatory” sites :) )

But, I do, do them. (I do, doo -doo, too! But I won’t dump that on you…..:)  )

Always interesting to see what mankind does for a God that walked the earth in sandals.

So, here’s what they do in Granada.

Second one up is the church at the San Francisco Convent.

San Francisco Convent

This is the church at the San Francisco Convent. Big and yellow – sticks out amongst the houses!

Third one up is Iglesia La Merced, just a bit west of the town square.

Iglesia La Merced

Really odd church, and it’s the only one you can go up into the bell tower and look ver the city of Granada, Nicaragua

This is a really odd church, tough to get a picture that does it justice.

The bell tower has either been pressure washed or redone, so it doesn’t fit with the main church.

Attached on the right is a new building, and which doesn’t go along with the old look of the main church. Interesting building though.

The next one is what’s behind the facade of the entrance.

Iglesia La Merced

The roof of the church, Iglesia La Merced, Granada, Nicaragua

The next church is still further east of the town square. This one is called Iglesia de Xalteva.

Iglesia de Xalteva

Iglesia de Xalteva – again, buildings attached that don’t fit with the facade in front.

And lastly, the big blue — The San francisco Church. Relatively new compared to the other ones, but still a striking church.

San Francisco Church

The last church as your heading east towards the old fort in Granada, Nicaragua, is the San Francisco Church

So, for the touristy stuff, there’s also the old Granada Fort, that’s still in use – well there’s something going on behind the walls. Don’t know if it’s military or police, but somethings happening behind the walls!

Old Fort,  Granada, Nicaragua

The Old Fort of Granada, Nicaragua

It’s open for tours, that’s what’s going on! (Thank’s google search!)

Nicaraguans like big doors, and I like ’em too. Interesting the amount of work that goes into making these huge things. Must be 14 to 16 feet high!

door 1

Just a big old church door

door 2 granada nicaragua

Another big ol’ church door

Then, of course there’s the main town square, the steeple’s you see on the right, those belong to the Cathedral of Granada.

Town square and Cathedral of Granada

The town square, horse drawn buggy’s and ;its of selling – sodas, restaurants, hammocks, pottery, all sorts of stuff

A visit to Granada, Nicaragua would not be complete unless you walked down “Tourist Avenue” – where the foreign bars and restaurants are at.

On Friday and Saturday nights, it’s packed.

Locals walk around selling pottery, cigs, candy – anything to make a buck or two.

A gizzilion restaurants and bars – well, maybe half a gazzilion along the street. Small cafes off of each little road that shoots of the “Tourist Avenue”, too.

Tourist avenue Granada, Nicaragua.

The “Tourist Avenue” of Granada, Nicaragua. You can get anything you want……

Are the Beatles ever going to NOT be remembered?

Small cafe off on a side street of “Tourist Avenue” in Granada, Nicaragua.

Imagine Bar and Restaurant

Imagine Bar and Restaurant, granada, Niaragua

Well, thaaaaat’s aaallllll, folks.

The booming, hopping town of Granada, Nicaragua in pictures.

It would be silly to miss Granada, if you ever come to Nicaragua.

Big ex-pat community, hookers of both sexes, artist school, lots of history, and of course Ometepe, a lone island in Lake Granada and it even has it’s own volcano.

Good town, pleasant stay but a bit too hot for me.

Second time I’ve ben here. Last time was in November, and it was still hot as the dickens.

Well, that’s to be expected in Central America, after all! LOL

Happy trails, until we meet again!


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7 Responses to Granada, Nicaragua – 30 Days is Plenty

  1. Bob G says:

    Thanks John. Always interesting and great images that will not meet my eyes otherwise. I am so thankful for my existing senses, eyesight being an important one. Stay safe and secure.

  2. John Wilson says:

    Hey, Bob,
    Always good to hear from you!
    Glad you liked the pics.
    In retrospect, with all the things that I did in my younger years, I’m impressed that I’m still alive, much less having all my senses! :)
    You never know what lurks in the future. Maybe one of my pictures will make you say, “I’ve got to see that in person!”
    Look what’s happened in the states – did you ever dream the idiocy was possible?
    Take care, bro, enjoy what you got.
    Happy trails, until we meet again!

  3. Sarah Lafaurie says:

    Very nice pictures Mr Wilson!
    I really enjoy the way you write and your pictures are beautiful, it definitely encourages me to visit those incredible places.
    Cheers from Spain!

  4. John Wilson says:

    Thanks for you comment, Sarah.
    Travel safely and play nice!

  5. Frank Harris says:

    Hi John,
    I just finished reading with much interest of your journey in your Ford Explorer through Central America. Fascinating and great photos!
    I’d really be interested to see a map of your route. It sounds like you’ve done the trip before. Did your Explorer finish the trip okay?
    Wondering if you’re finished traveling now – in Granada?
    Take care, happy travels!

  6. John Wilson says:

    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment – that’s greatly appreciated!
    Granada was just a stop on the journey – too much of the world left to see to permanently end the adventure!
    Presently in Cancun, Mexico. Just a chilling out time.
    Ford Explorer still running along – a great vehicle for $3,000. Got me out of some scary jams, it has!
    Notice you have a senior blog – how are you enjoying that?
    Thanks for stopping by – travel safely and play nice!

  7. Frank Harris says:

    Enjoying writing for the blog for travel for seniors/boomers. Love travel! We were in Granada Nicaragua once.
    The Ford explorer sounds like an amazing investment! Did you buy it recently or was it always yours?
    Interested in a map of your travels to see your route. Some of those countries you passed through sound scarey. Others with beautiful scenery shown by your photos. Wonder how you knew where to go?

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