Gettin’ by day by day in Alajuela, Costa Rica

I’ve taken a line from Jerry Jeff Walker’s song “Gettin’ By”. (Jerry Jeff Walker – Gettin’ by – live 1991) Which kind of sums up where I am at right now – gettin’ by day by day.

I’m frying up some chicken in my little studio apartment here in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

It’s rained for the last 3 hours. I thought I knew about rain after spending time in Lago Yojoa.

That “ain’t nuttin” compared to the rain around Alajuela, San José, Costa Rica in the rainy season. I have been here 4 days, and it has rained a minimum of 5 hours every day I have been here. It is not a light rain, it is rain, the really hard rain, then more rain. It bloody rains here!

Scrape on back

Scrape from the wall when I collapsed

The picture above is a scrape I got when I collapsed in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The scrape is like a rug burn, a bit deeper due to the texture of the wall that I hit on my way down to the floor.

The place is real awkward, because the skin stretches right there. So if I stand, sit or walk the skin stretches and makes it difficult for that “burn” to seal, to scab up. This has led to me just relaxing, letting my body try to seal that “burn”.

For you younger people, that may not look like much. At 59, it takes a longer time to heal, and there were other areas of my body that got nailed on my way down to the floor when I blacked out and collapsed. Which means relaxing, giving my body a chance to recover from whatever ailments resulted in my fall.


Little girl with family

pigeonkids 2

These kids caught a pigeon, showing it to the family


These two chased pigeons in the town square for hours


Who do you think rules this family?

This is a family I was watching while sitting in the main square in San José, Costa Rica. The kids chased after pigeons for hours, and finally caught a few.

Had to show it to Mum and Grandma. They’re thrilled to death at their success.


Police checking out some of the local kids, making sure no drugs, no problems


All friendly, not confrontational - but they still checked the kids out

This was really the first time in my travels I have seen a police presence.

In San José, they have many of the streets closed to car traffic, just allowing foot traffic. Every street where there were people, the police patrolled.

Police cars could go down the streets, garbage collection vehicles and small delivery vans.

The police did not have the body language of a threat, they just kind of watched things – it was weird.


One of the streets that is foot traffic only


Another one of the foot traffic only roads in San Jose, Costa Rica

Lots and lots of people. Headsets on, looking straight ahead, not paying attention to anyone else in the throng of people going up and down the streets. Typical large city life.

This is the most people I have been around since Guatemala, about 8 months ago. I think it will be that long before I hang around a big city again!


Mango's hanging from the trees at Villa El Cenizaro, Alajuela, Costa Rica


One of the "flaming" bushes at Villa El Cenizaro, Alajuela, Costa Rica

hotle 7

The rooms at Villa El Cenizaro, Alajuela, Costa Rica


This little guy surprised me when I was editing pics - he came out well I think!

So this is where I hang my hat until July 15. Nice little place to recuperate from the fall and chill.

$350 per month – a little stove and fridge so I can prepare my food – which saves money.

Write for the The Big Mozey blog and my NASSIAUS (pronounced nauseous) blog. ( The NASSIAUS stands for “not anti-system, the system is anti-us” I share opinions and news stories that make me nauseous)

Catch up on this social media maze I have discovered, try to get some system for doing that.

Life is good for The Big Mozey – taking life as it comes, day by day.

The back is getting better day by day. I am taking a lot of naps, which the EMS guy that treated me said I should.

Messes up my nightly sleep, but it will all even out soon enough.

Life is good for The Big Mozey. Gettin’ by day-to-day, easy come easy go.

Cheers for now!

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