A Gem in the Jungle – Aluxes Ecoparque, Mexico

A “gem in the jungle” is exactly what the Aluxes Ecoparque (and wildlife rescue center) is.

Located outside of Palenque, in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, it’s truly a treat to walk the grounds and to view the animals.

My first encounter with the animals are these guys, hanging out just inside the park by the refreshment stand and bathrooms. (Wise choice to leave food out for the birds right at the start of the walk. It  adds to the excitement of what’s further inside the ecoparque!)

Red macaw

The red macaw greeter that hangs around the refreshment stand as you enter Aluxes Ecoparque outside of Palenque, Mexico.

Then there’s the blue macaw that wants to welcome you!

blue macaw

A marvelous bird 0 the colors are quite unique

The parrots participate in greeting the visitor, too.

This is unique photo of one of the parrots that hangs around the entrance to Aluxes Ecoparque. If you look closely into the eye of the parrot, you’ll see me taking the parrots picture. I have a hat on, I’m carrying a backpack and you’ll also see the posts that support the roof the parrot is under.

green parrot

If you can zoom in on the parrot’s eye, you’ll see my reflection, which I think is pretty cool!

After spending about an hour photographing the parrots and macaws, I started my walk along the path that weaves it’s way around the park. It’s elevated, to keep the water, snakes, spiders and other nasty vermin, away from the visitor.

The first thing you’ll see after the bird “greeters”, are waterfowl. Lots of waterfowl.


A wide variety of waterfowl at Aluxes Ecoparque near Palenque, Mexico


One of the many ducks that hang around Aluxes Ecoparque, Mexico


A strange looking bird, hanging around one of the moats

The reason for this is that there are islands surrounded by water to protect some of the animals in the park.

There’s also a wide variety of crocodiles and caimans that are part of the animal collection at the park.

You got the big ones…….

Crocodile that's huge

Big crocodiles – probably 8 to 10 at the park

And you’ve got the little caiman.

caiman swimming

A caiman cooling off in the moats that wind around the park

And of course, there’s the waterfowl that are found throughout the park.

Waterfowl at Aluxes Ecoparque

Waterfowl that I’ve never seen, abound in the park

Few cages are in the park. The ones that are found there, are there for a reason!

Spotted leopard

A spotted leopard at Aluxes Ecoparque., Palenque, Mexico

The howler monkeys are also kept caged, or they’d be off into the wild!

Howler monkey

A howler monkey, taking a rest

The spider monkeys are on a pice of land that’s surrounded by water to keep them in the park.

Spider monkey

Spider monkeys are kept on an island surround by a moat. Protects them and keeps them safe

A typical flamingo photograph, eating and balancing on one leg.


A flamingo’s one legged balancing act



A colorful and balding bird that hangs around the water in the park

red spotted waterfowl

A red spotted bird that hangs around the marshes in the park

As you can tell, there’s quite a variety of animals and birds at Aluxes Ecoparque outside of Palenque, Mexico.

I don’t want to spoil a visit, and more photographs, I think, might do that.

I’ll give you one more.

Remember, change in life is inevitable. It all depends on whether you accept it and make the best of it, or fight it and usually lose.

Be like a chameleon, accept the change and make the best of the situation. Keep your core beliefs, but fit in the best you can to new surroundings.


A chameleon changes his colors, not his core being

And if you’re ever in Chiapas, hanging around Palenque for the Mayan ruins, take the time to go see the Aluxes Ecoparque and Rescue Center. It’s well worth the visit.

As always, travel safely and play nice.

’til next time!

About John Wilson

Traveler, writer and photographer. No home now, just traveling the world in search of the lost chord.
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6 Responses to A Gem in the Jungle – Aluxes Ecoparque, Mexico

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Thanks again for sharing your adventures, John.
    The photos are fabulous!

  2. John Wilson says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Chuck. It’s always nice to hear good things about the photos.
    I appreciate you taking the time to look and leave a comment.

  3. Bob G says:

    Wow John, you allow me to experience so many of God’s wonders just sitting in front of the computer. Appreciate your attention to detail. Yes, things do work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out. Keep safe.

  4. John Wilson says:

    Thanks, Bob, Appreciate your compliment.
    Glad you can appreciate some of God’s amazing works – he really must have a sense of humor, seeing some of the “unique” animals that are around this world.
    Hope things are well for you.
    Keeping safe is a goal, not always attainable, but as you state “make the best of the way things work”.
    Thanks for taking the time to read the post and for leaving a comment. It warms a writers heart to read words from people that are coming to the website.
    Be safe, play nice and “make the best”.

  5. Jim Douglass says:

    Awesome pictures and commentary. Thank you for sharing.

  6. John Wilson says:

    Thanks, Jim.
    I appreciate your kind compliment.

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