I’m Flipping the World the Bird! From Cancun, Mexico.

Well, not really. I’m going to post some pictures of birds the world can flip through, but that wouldn’t be much of a title, now, would it?

These were taken in Mexico, basically the southern part – Yucatan, Chiapas.

So, hopefully I got your attention! And the second hopeful thing is that you like pictures of birds. I’ve shot a few – with a camera. I can’t remember the last time I hunted anything, That’s just not me.

Anywho, the photos will be listed together – where I took the shots.

If you’re a bird watcher, there are some great places in Mexico and Central America to watch them. God’s creations are marvelous things, and bird watching is one of the most relaxing I can think of.  Again, these are just from Mexico.

If you know the name of these birds, feel free to inform me – I don’t have  bird book and would love to hear the names of some of these beautiful birds.

Just outside Cancun’s touristy place is a small swamp. Alligators are said to live there. but I never saw one. What I did see were some interesting birds. I’ll put up a map of the Cancun area, in case you visit and would like to see this particular spot.

Don’t know why, but I get visions of Donald Trump when I look at this bird!

Bird picture from Cancun, Mexico

Shot around Cancun, Mexico


I call this guy the Leopard bird.

leopard bird

Don’t know the name of this one, but sure is well hidden in the swamp

Another shot of the “Leopard” bird. I saw about 4 of these in the swamp outside Cancun.


Leopard bird 1

Spotted bird outside Cancun, Mexico

A bird drying his feathers off. These are all around any water that you find in Mexico.

Bird drying off wings

A bird drying off his wings outside of Cancun, Mexico

These are quite common around the waters of Mexico.

Grey bird

Gray bird in Cancun swamp

This is a quote I like, attached to a picture I shot of some birds over the waters on a Cancun Beach.

birds and quote

Favorite quote and birds along the beach of Cancun, Mexico

This bird is just getting ready to snatch his next meal!

bird ready to snatch

Bird about ready to snatch his next meal

This  is another bird that reminds me of Trump – it’s going to be a huuuugee hit, I can tell!

Blue headed bird

Trump bird – at least I think he looks like Trump!

Here’s a pink legged, pink billed bird that wanders the swamp.

pink legged bird

Pink legged bird found in a swamp in Cancun, Mexico

This is just a pigeon.

But, it’s a good example of what my mind feels like after traveling a day in Mexico. Roads leave a lot to be desired, with topes (speed bumps), traffic, lack of signage to understand where one is at, pedestrians in the streets in most town, policia to watch out for (they’ll pull you over just because you’re a foreigner, and a few things I’m sure I missed. Driving in Mexico is a challenge!

A pigeon on acid?

Blitzed pigeon

Some birds shot along the shores of Cancun, Mexico with some quotes I like.

flying bird

A quote that I like

Flying would be fun!

flying bird

Flying bird with quote

birds flying

Quote with birds flying

Intelligence and ambition

Intelligence and ambition

Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures I’ve posted. As I stated at eh beginning of this post, here’s a map that shows where you can bird watch within a short distance from the touristy area of Cancun, Mexico. Taxi would probably run you 50 pesos.

On the way to Isla Mujeres, you’ll see a sign on your left hand sign warning about alligators. It’s a small side street. One side has houses, the other side is the swamp. You can sit on the edge of that road and watch birds to your hearts content.

Cancun Map

Cancun map for bird watching

Thanks for visiting The Big Mozey, hope to hear from you and to see you again!


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Traveler, writer and photographer. No home now, just traveling the world in search of the lost chord.
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6 Responses to I’m Flipping the World the Bird! From Cancun, Mexico.

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Good to see your post, John.
    Great photos of the birds.

  2. John Wilson says:

    Thanks for stopping by for a look, Chuck.
    And thanks for the compliment on the photos!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Bob G says:

    Hi John, amazing shots! Thanks for sharing!

    Because of what you are doing, you will be less disappointed than most:

  4. John Wilson says:

    Hey, Bob!
    Thanks for the comment and the compliment!
    A great saying by Mark Twain, too. :)
    How you doing. Was thinking, “Wonder how Bob G. is doing” just the other day.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Still up in Illinois?

  5. john Ray says:

    Hello John,
    Been awhile. I most certainly enjoyed the bird watching. The shots are great, love the two flying and looking right at the camera, are you sure YOU shot that one?
    You can rest easy about the roads down their, up here you would be crying in your beer about all the traffic. We are apparently now above 7 million metro Atlanta area. I am enjoying the traffic everyday on the way home….
    I see you are back in Mexico, are you going to get tired of being free and easy,? or are you ready for more mossying? We have finally hit our summer humidity stride, throw in the 90″s and we are off and running. We have family down from Roanoke and it is nice to catch up. Last month I flew to Phoenix and got to see two neice”s graduate from ASU. 3 brothers came from N.C., me from Georgia, One from Kimball Nebraska, Sister from Denver, (her daughter one of the graduates) , one brother from Phoenix(his daughter the other graduate), when we got together the night of graduation we ended up with 27 at the house to eat together and enjoy seeing everyone.
    I have great pictures of the event and of me diving off the board and into the pool in great style, to bad I don’t know how to send you pictures via the net…
    Business is strong, getting ready to raise prices in your honor this fall.

  6. John Wilson says:

    Glad to hear everything is hunky dory, John.
    Looks like your comment made it through after all!
    Great to hear from you.
    I’ll try to post more often to keep you updated on the adventure.

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