El Cortijo del Lago – a month here and still loving it.

I go to bed at night to the sounds of birds and, usually, the sound of rain.


Some of the waterfowl on Lago Yojoa, Honduras Central America


Hawk flying over Lago Yojoa, Honduras Central America

Here on Lago Yojoa, it is a bird lovers paradise. Hummingbirds are all over the place, as are kites and hawks. Ibis’s and other waterfowl are in abundant supply. The birds are singing all day long – and all sing a different tune. It is a beautiful thing.


Map courtesy of Maplandia

The weather is usually sunny during the day, with showers rolling in after sunset.

The awnings are lacking on the side of my cabin, so this creates a problem!  The rain comes in if there is any sort of breeze. It is really a minor thing and only a real hassle if it is raining hard. The solution is to move the bed away from the side of the cabin.


My cabin on the shores of Lago Yojoa, Honduras Central America


These otters would play outside my cabin most mornings Lago Yojoa, Honduras Central America

My plan was to go to the Pacific Ocean, but I met a fellow who operates a factory east of Tegucigalpa, and he told me that the ocean area is not touristy at all. A funky town along the coast, but that is about it – no beaches to speak of, no real sites to see. He stated it was hot, as the land drops from the mountain region to sea level about an hour south of Tegucigalpa. After that happens, it is farm land and small villages.


Victoria El Cortijo del Lago Honduras Central America


A waterfall in Panacam Cloud Forest about 15 KM from Lago Yojoa, Honduras Central America


I was also told this is where most of the gold mining occurs in the country. There is enough gold to keep small time operators busy, but not enough to bring in large gold mining operations. Maybe they have just not found the right areas to drill.

channel Lago

A channel going from El Cortijo Del Lago to Lago Yojoa, Honduras Central America


We saw this little boa constrictor in the garden at El Cortijo Del Lago, Honduras Central America

A relaxing time here at El Cortijio Del Lago. I can understand why the owner of the hotel came here to retire. Quiet, seems to have a good draw for tourists, and the weather is acceptable. If one does not like rain, this would NOT be the place to come.


A bird sits on shore with fish farms in background Lagoa Yojoa, Honduras Central America

bird duo

A duo on the shores of Lago Yojoa, Honduras Central America

Lago Yojoa offers beautiful scenery. John and Martha Chater, the owners of El Cortijo Del Lago, are great hosts. The area offers great bird watching with plenty of attractions close by. What is there not to like?

Cheers for now!

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