Eco Park northwest of Coban, Guatemala Central America

I went to an Eco park northwest of Coban, Guatemala yesterday. Sign said it has waterfalls to climb, and interesting wildlife. I saw some wildlife, but nothing that was out of the ordinary and I could not find the waterfall. Seems to happen to me when I go on these little private treks of mine.

Church surrounded by trees in tomato fields

Fortunately, it was a good trek, enjoyed myself, and found a little church in the middle of no where that was quite interesting. It was all by itself, no houses close by, no road for miles, and had 4 graves that I counted. It was in the middle of tomato fields on the side of some hills about 4 KM from where I started. Even where I started from, there was one house – so what that church was doing on the hillside is a mystery to me.

One of the many things that are a mystery to me on this trip!

The river I followed trying to find the falls

The church came into view as I was following this river upstream to find the falls that were supposedly in the hills.

No such luck in my pursuit of the falls. Over barbed wire fences again, and through the woods, but no falls. Rapids I found, pools to swim in, and gorges to forge.

Funny how that sometimes works out for me – go to see something, and can’t find the darn thing!

One of the new friends I met on my little trek

The first barbed wire fence that I got over put me into a cow pasture, the second on the road and path to the church. The path lead me through a bunch of tomato fields in the hills. These folks that plant and harvest these little tomatoes really have to put in a lot of work, and it cannot be for a lot of money.

I guess they do what they can to scrape by. I am glad I do not have to do that type of work to put food on the table for the family. Tough life!

A work area in the middle of the tomato fields

Trekking about 5 KM,  and hot and tired, finally gave up on the pursuit of the falls.  Enjoyed a little respite along the river, and headed back. The entrance fee was $3.00 (about 25 quensales) , so not much lost in the way of funds. Just a little disappointed.

The people who plant these small fields in the hills cone and work the fields and spend the night.

Not sure if they spend days, but you can see the places to sleep and eat as you look at these little lean-to’s.

Side view of the church in the tomato fields

The reason for the tomato fields – if it will grow, they will cut the trees away and plant – whether it hurts the eco area or not – these folks seem to do whatever it takes to eke out a living. Hard working people for such a limited return for the effort.

An enjoyable trek and beautiful countryside.

Cheers for now !
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