Day Number 8 – Arrived in Belize

(This is an edited post from the beginning of my trip. After reading it again, man, I should have taken a writing course before I left. I have not written anything like an essay or short story in over 30 years, and it sure does show! The reason I am keeping this? It is always nice to see how one improves.)

Arrived in the border town of Belize. Internet is so slow, waiting for download to tell you the name of the town I am in.

Not even close to DSL as in the states. But, what the hey, it is internet, and I can post. COOL!!

Stayed in Vera Cruz, but the place I stayed in did not have internet.

Pouring down rain when I arrived, and you do not want to get in the traffic in pouring rain in the last major city of the trip.

So, chose to drive into a “Autohotel”, and they quoted me 250 pesos for 12 hours – meant I would have to leave about 6AM the following day.

400 Pesos if i wanted the luxury of leaving at 11AM the following day – chose a little luxury.

Then off to the Francisco Escarcega, a veritable Metropolis, in the middle of no where.

They have internet, they tell me. Lasted maybe 1/2 hour, then never was able to log on again – it was down for most of the time. Bummer!

Then off to Chetumal ( Isn’t that what they were chanting in the Indiana Jones movie?) , that would get me into Belize.

Stopped at one Mayan ruin.

Thought the damn mosquito’s were going to attack me all at once, fly me up to the altar and suck all my blood out of me.

I cannot remember the last time I ran across so many mosquito’s at one time.

Had to get a look see quick, and move out fast.

Accomplished that task, but man, a gazillion bites for the short visit!
Crossed at Chetumal, into the booming town of Corozal, a veritable sea-side resort – NOT!

Off the beaten, not bad though coming from Mexico.

Stayed at the Sea Breeze Hotel, run by Gwyn, a not so happy ex – pat. But he has a cold, so all is forgiven for being a bit cranky.

Vamps Chill and Grill was the closest place to eat. Cold Nachos with cheese and meat.

Kind of surprised when I bit into the cold meat and cheese. but it being so hot here, it was the best way to serve them.

The post comes to a close.

I do not know where my cord is to download the pics, so will do that when I arrive at Jack’s place in Pomona. About a 5 hour drive from where I am at now.

Fun drive, interesting trip. Would do it differently next time around. Will post more about that later when I am a little more settled in.

Cheers for now,

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