Day number 5 – the trip through Mexico

(This is a repost. Since I switched hosts, I have had re-edit some posts. Since I have so many new followers, I am sending out emails when I post the edited versions. For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, I hope you do not mind a repeat of my posts!)

I can now understand why it is difficult to travel and post on a blog site.

Driving for 5 days on an ungodly road.

Maniac Mexican drivers both behind me and coming from the opposite direction.

Absolutely mind boggling.

Terrible speed bumps! Sometimes you get a warning, sometimes you do not. These suckers are at least 6 – 8 inches high. They will slow you down – or wreck your car – one of the two.

Potholes as deep as the Empire State building! OK, maybe not that deep, but you hit one dead center, it sure does feel like it!

Construction on the roadway, and very slow construction, too. All down the east coast. Rains from the last tropical depression really did a number on the “highway”.

Mexican’s do not have equipment to repair the roads at a fast clip – it is slow recovery for them. An additional mind boggling item on the trip.

Really have to get acclimated to this country. Everything is in repair. Everything is under construction.

Agriculture is the only thing done in these part.

The manufacturing takes place along the border with the U.S.A..

Restaurants galore along the way. One area will have 6 restaurants, then you will drive miles without seeing another.

I’d love to tell you about the scenery, but my eyes have to be , underline that – have to be – on the road, or there is a grave danger of hitting a pot hole or a speed bump at a “Way to fast , Dude” clip. I became very aware of that as soon as I entered Mexico.

No scenic pull offs or stops.

It is always a mad dash down the roads. Screw the speed limits, screw road condition, it is “pedal to the metal” for these Mexican drivers.

Then slam on the brakes for the speed bumps!

If there is no one coming from the opposite direction, a great time to pass whomever or whatever is in front of you.

Mexicans do not understand the meaning of miles per gallon. If it goes 110 miles an hour, try to drive at that speed! Screw getting any sort of good mileage by going slower – they do not care!!

Well, not sure when I need to leave this hotel in San Andres Tuxtal , so best end the writing,

This is all a hoot. A real thriller in Mexico.

I thought I knew how bad the roads could be, but I was not even close – way worse than what I expected.

I would like to see some sites, but having got off the road once, a very dangerous proposition. If one gets stranded off the beaten path, God only knows what could happen. I am not that adventurous any more.

I will stick to the main drag, play it safe, and come back another time when my comfort level , or state of mind, is more conducive to “off the beaten track” ventures.

More to come shortly!

Cheers for now.

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