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You can contact me on SKYPE : I am claptona1

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Nope, I do not have a phone number. Personal choice, and that itself is a story!

Thanks again for stopping by and it would be nice to hear from you!


John D. Wilson


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  1. senafp says:

    Thank you John, I just subscribed. I would love to have my blog listed on your site. I will add you to my site as well. I would love for you to subscribe to mine as well.


  2. bob iglehart says:

    hi john.

    re: 9) I like learning about what is going on locally – who’s the guy in town with the bucks, who’s wheeling and dealing, and what is going on politically.

    a good place to pick up the skinny on the local situation is the local aa meeting. in spanish cultures they’re called “reunions.” there are two basic kinds, open meetings and closed meetings. at open meetings, anybody is welcome. closed meetings are only for “those with a desire to stop drinking.” it used to be “those with an honest desire to stop drinking, but it was thought that was too restrictive. if you aren’t a drunk, and attend a closed meeting with only a “frivolous” or “temporary” desire, best keep a low profile until you learn which way the winds are blowing.

  3. Walter says:

    Hi John

    I’d be flattered if you mentioned my blog: – luxury destinations worldwide focuses on discerning couples that enjoy citytrips, roundtrips, romantic getaways, lodges, fine dining, arts, golf, diving, hiking, wellness/spa, photography.

    The blog includes photos, recommendations of itineraries, boutique hotels, places to stay, restaurants, what to do.

  4. John Wilson says:

    Not a problem Walter.
    Your site is listed on my “Other Travel Sites” page now.
    John D. Wilson
    aka- The Bit Mozey

  5. stevie says:


    How do I find out more about and enter the photo contest? I’d love to participate. Email me back!


  6. John Wilson says:

    Officially over now – unless my nephew can resurrect the program and get it running correctly.
    Bummer, thought it was a good idea, just can’t find the software to do it.
    John D. Wilson aka The Big Mozey

  7. Hi John,
    I and many of my readers are interested in learning more about earning a leaving while living in some of these countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, etc. As writers, wordpress web site designers and adaptable people who wish to come and live in some of those areas we also need to earn some type of living. Not necessarily a high living but enough to put a roof over our heads, food on the table and allow us to see a bit of the country. Our commitments can run anywhere from 6 months to permanent.

    Most are of the senior crowd with a background of knowledge but unsure how to use those skills to create somewhat of an income while living in those areas. Do you have any contacts, suggestions, links, etc. that may guide us along our journey of research? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Carik Ann

  8. tony pitts says:

    Hey john I loved that story about your leg swelling and checking yourself out of the public hospital. Im back in orlando but i l keep praying for you john.

  9. John Wilson says:

    Hey Tony,
    Glad to hear you made it back to the states safely.
    Nice to hear that you enjoy some of my little tales from the road.
    Prayers are always a good thing!.
    Don’t be a stranger to the blog, feel free to drop by and leave a note anytime.
    Have you ever thought of doing something that would have a long term impact with the people here in Nicaragua?
    John D. Wilson

  10. Ian Ford says:

    Hi John. It’s fordie from hubpages. Just dropped by for a look. You sure do get around.

    Perhaps you would like to submit your site to my new travel directory. No fee required. A reciprocal link is optional.


  11. John Wilson says:

    Hi Ian,
    I am glad you found my travel blog.
    Great that you allow traveler’s to link their blog within your site.
    Mine is now listed there, and your will be listed in my site soon.
    To your continued success!
    John D. Wilson

  12. Ian Ford says:

    It’s a long term project. Will take a while to collect enough quality entries but will then be a useful resource for anyone wanting to take a shortcut to real information. You blog added under General Travel Blogs – too many countries to pinhole.

  13. John Wilson says:

    Hi Ian,
    Do you tweet this offer?
    Lots of travelers would like back links.
    Just a suggestion that might help you grow a bit faster.
    John D. Wilson

  14. Thanks for give me change to fill this comment form. I have registered for email subscription. I hope I’ll get more information from your blog.. :)

  15. hello…… big mosey

    hi from EL ESTOR, IZABAL…. sorry if have bad grammar but my sister rubi its not in EL ESTOR anymore so if you remenber me im angel…. were great here working like every day, working for a better service, i was checking the website cause im not to good at computers and that stuff…. but im triying lol….. please right me soon…. i hope doing great over there….. hope that you come back soon from here… take care and GOD bless you..

  16. Karla says:

    Hey john!
    I do not know if you remember me, my name is Karla and we met at Cd. Juarez, my home town in June. You were having trouble with your wi-fi at McDonalds. I was very concerned about you traveling alone in a country where you didn’t know the language, but after you gave me your business card and I found out that you are a traveler, I was relieved. Hope your doing fine, having fun and everything! If you happen to stop by Juarez again and if you need something contact me! You have my e-mail address!
    Travel Safe!

  17. John Wilson says:

    Hi Karla,
    I sure do remember you – you were with you’re mother, and I followed you to the hotel area.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to send a note – I greatly appreciate it!
    I’ve been having a great time in Mexico!
    Spent 2 weeks in Parral – which was a lot of fun.
    A month in the Copper Canyon in Creel – great area. Wow, such a wonderful area.
    People have been pleasant and kind in all the places I have gone to!
    As pleasant as you were in Juarez!
    Hope all is well with you and your family.
    I really appreciated the help that you gave me in Juarez.
    All the best,

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