Christians, my computer being passed around and an unexpected phone call!

(I wanted to get this post up because I have received so many comments – well wishes and prayers. I did not want you to think things have gotten worse.

I actually drove to the end of the Pan-American Highway and had no access to the internet. This is the reason for the delayed post.

Thanks to all who have left comments – it really has meant a lot to me. :)  )

The hospital stay would not be complete without the visit by the Christians who are seeking to offer comfort. Their hearts are in the right place, though their actions are not always appreciated.

For example, a fellow comes by, and he speaks a little English. We talk a bit.

He tells me he understands my problem with my left leg, that he will pray for me.

Grabbing my right leg (my problem is with my left leg) he says a prayer. I know
he is doing this because I can pick out the Jesus, and the por favors.

A group of women comes by. They speak a bit of English. What do I need.

I tell them, ” I need someone who speaks very good English.”

“Ah,” a woman replies. “I will see what I can do.”

A little later,the group of women comes back with a new woman tagging along. She speaks English just about as well as the first lady.

I explain that I just need to contact my brother, I am having an operation/procedure on Wednesday, and I will call him as soon as I can. I do not have access to a phone or internet now.

She says she understands, and will pass along the message.

The guard watching over the prisoner speaks a bit of English.

We chat a bit, he really has nothing to do while watching the prisoner who can not do much of anything. The guy needs help just getting out of bed.

So, the guard is not on high alert, and is relatively bored.

We finally get to the part about driving my car down from the USA.

He wants to look at it.

I tell him where it is at, and he goes down to take a look see.

When he returns, he tells me he wants to buy the car for $2,000.

What I know of this routine, is that if I sell my car, I pay a hefty fine when I try to leave the country.

A real hassle because the car’s shown on my passport – I leave the country
with my car.

If I do not have my car, then I receive a hefty fine.

Later, just wondering if this hospital has WIFI or not, I ask him to go to my car and get my
my computer.

He does so, and I fire it up.

Sure enough, the hospital has WIFI.

I try to get the guy from Bocas to get the password. To no avail – nurses do not know it.

My fellow inmates of this ward want to know if I have pictures.

So, I open iPhoto, and we start looking at some of the pictures I have taken Costa Rica and Panama. They are passing around my computer, everyone having a look.

Then it comes to music. I get the iTunes going, and the music starts playing.


They figure out how to switch songs, and are passing it around, changing songs as each new person grabs the computer.

I do not feel real comfortable with this – I can see someone dropping the computer, or just walking away with it!

I’m attached to this stupid monitor and I would be very slow trying to catch anyone if they decided to just walk away with the computer.

All this stuff is going on, and the guy Bocas gets a phone call. Tells me it’s for me!

Who the heck is calling me, I wonder. No one knows I am here.


What the heck are these guys going to do with my computer as they are passing it around?

So, I grab the phone, and it is my brother.

Surprise, surprise!

Well, I am getting real concerned about what is going on with my computer, and talking to my brother about my health seems a low priority at this point.

He tells me he got an email, which told him to call because I was going to be
operated on the following day.

No, no – I tell hem. Everything is fine. Simple procedure happening on Wednesday.

If one of these guys passing around my computer drops it, I’m screwed!

My brother asks me what’s going on.

I tell him everything is fine. Do not worry.

I’ve got to get off this stupid phone, get back control of my computer – this passing it around is not good!

My brother now wants more info – I do not want to talk on the phone, I want to get control of my computer back.

I tell him that there was a mistake, he didn’t need to call, and I’ll email him or skype him when I get out of the hospital. That good?

Yeah, that’s good he replies.

Ok, talk to you later then, I tell him and hang up.

Guys, let me get the computer back and I will play some good tunes you know!

Got to get my computer back into my hands – and the idea of music from people they have heard of seems to be of interest to them.

So, I get my computer back into my hands, and we listen to some ZZ Top, Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

My pulse rate gets back to normal as I have now got control of the computer!

My brother, though, is a little ticked that he spent time and money on this phone call, only to be cut off short by me.


He does not realize what was going on as the $850 computer I have was being passed around the ward out of my control!

This hospital stay is just turning into fun and games on a daily basis!

Ah, the joys of travel!

Next up – exit stage left!

Cheers for now.

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Traveler, writer and photographer. No home now, just traveling the world in search of the lost chord.
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13 Responses to Christians, my computer being passed around and an unexpected phone call!

  1. senaf says:

    What happened? I have been taking a break after my vacation and worked on other things and planning my blog for my walking tour and find out you are in the hospital? I hope you did not have an accident? I have to read Part 1 to find out. John, I hope you are alright!! Did you have your surgery..was it on your left leg? I definitely will have to catch up on things. I can only wish you well and that you are over with the surgery. Looking forward to seeing Part 3 and know that you are doing better..:)

  2. stevie says:

    Rockin’ out in the hospital! Way to go Big Mozey. Keepin’ the spirits high :)

  3. Thanks for the update John. I’m glad to hear that you and your computer are doing well!

  4. I think my computer being passed around the hospital ward may have raised my blood pressure quite a bit too.

  5. Glad to know you’re doing better, John.

  6. John Wilson says:

    Thanks for the comment.
    I appreciate it very much.
    John D. Wilson

  7. John Wilson says:

    You and I think along the same lines Stephanie.
    Glad to hear you are enjoying Argentina.
    John D. Wilson

  8. John Wilson says:

    Thanks Debbie,
    I do appreciate you following my blog and taking the time to comment.
    It really does mean a lot to me – gives me good vibes to have people like yourself commenting!
    John D. Wilson

  9. John Wilson says:

    Thanks Stevie,
    I do appreciate you and Tree following and leaving comments.
    It does mean a lot to me – shows that it is worth the time and effort to keep the blog up and running.
    You two enjoy your stay in the USA.
    Be safe.
    John D. Wilson

  10. John Wilson says:

    Hi Senaf,
    Yup, now out of the hospital, and seem to be doing a bit better.
    Again, I appreciate your concern, and really want to thank you for taking the time to post comments.
    It really means a lot to me.
    John D. Wilson

  11. Barbara says:

    Great to hear you survived the hospital experience!

  12. John Wilson says:

    Thanks Barbara,
    I appreciate your comment.
    Safe travels!
    John D. Wilson

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