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Travel article about what I have experienced in my travels. I have been on the road for over 1 year now. Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua. Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and of course, the USA!

Traveling slow – sometimes, not by choice.

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Well, I like this traveling slow stuff. Except when it’s not by my choice. Got held up at the border with an old permit on the Toyota I brought into Mexico 2010. It seems I missed the concept of canceling … Continue reading

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Poncho Villa and Parral, Mexico

Visited Parral, Mexico. Didn’t know it was the city in which Poncho Villa was assassinated! It’s really kind of a Mexican tourist town right now. It might have been different before the drugs lords went on a rampage, with the … Continue reading

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On the Road Again! | Carlsbad Caverns

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Well, shut my mouth and slap me across the face! On the road again – currently in Parral. Mexico! So far, it’s been a bit of a challenge. But, no particular place to go and plenty of time to get … Continue reading

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Guest post from Vino Vagabonds – a unique niche travel blog

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This is a guest post from Vino Vagabonds. The website is run by Brittany and Jeff who are traveling the world visiting the regions and vineyards that produce the wines they love. A unique niche travel blog that is interesting and … Continue reading

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Give to the poor – not to the companies that make millions off the poor.

One of the things you do not see much of in Central America is beggars. At least I have not until I arrived in Matagalapa. Here you see the kids. The kids are the strings to the heart. Remember, average … Continue reading

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Rain, states of emergency, Occupy Wall Street – interesting times

It’s been raining in Nicaragua for over a week now. States of emergency in Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador. People are dying because of the rains. Homes are being lost.Bridges and roads are disappearing because of the rains. Costa Rica is … Continue reading

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Hotel Casino’s resident computer/phone/printer technician – Emerson Rocha

Let me introduce you to Emerson Rocha, the resident computer technician here at Hotel Casino. He’s a graduate of a Managua technical school, and if you have a problem with a computer, he’s the man to see. He’s put ram … Continue reading

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How to be almost totally free – a view from an anarchist.

This is a repost from Rick’s Pick, and email newsletter I’ve received over the years. Rick is a pretty smart guy, and he has some pretty smart followers. He is not so proud of himself as to just limit the … Continue reading

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