Casares, Nicaragua, reflections, and nice accommodations

I am staying at the Hotel Casino, in Casares, Nicaragua. An “off the beaten path” is the best way to describe the town.

Casares, Nicaragua Central America

Casares, Nicaragua Central America Map

It was a popular beach for people in Managua, before the roads got better and there were more cars and buses. Now that there are viable options for travel, the hot spot for people in Managua and tourists is San Juan del Sur.

San Juan del Sur has its good points. It has a harbor to set anchor with a sailboat, it has much more of a beach. It has also gotten the money for investments for houses, hotels and restaurants.

I would not count Casares out yet, though. There is a good road that comes down here from the Panama Highway, and the government has established a village at the opposite end of the road that runs along the coast. There are 3 hotels in La Boquita, and some restaurants.

Casares has 1 hotel and has the only decent restaurant in town.

As with most towns/villages, there are local people who cook outside their homes on small grills. This is the only alternative to the restaurant at Hotel Casino.

To give them a fair shake a the local guy, who is Hotel Casino’s only real competition, he grills chicken, beef, enchiladas and rice/beans that are relatively tasty!. He even has a place to sit down with table cloths on your dining table. Almost like home!

I have been here a week now.

Watching the fisherman launch their boats for their daily catch of fish. Rolling the boats into the water from an area about 30 feet from the ocean.

When they return from pulling their nets in, the fishermen run the boats on shore. They then roll the boat further on land using logs underneath the boat.

The town has a local American drunk, who comes to the hotel any time there might be a visitor that would like to hear his stories and buy him drinks.

There is the retired dentist who lives just north up the shoreline, who’s disgusted with the political situation in the U.S.A., and decided that here it might be as corrupt, but it is more in the open, and easier to deal with.

An American by the name a Steve Brodie owns one of the hotels in La Boquita. He seems happy with what he is doing. The name of his hotel is Olas Escondidas and his web page here.



Boats awaiting high tide to go out again

The Hotel Casino would be John Steinbeck’s ideal of an out-of-the-way, fishing village, writing spot. Few tourists, lots of locals to catch the latest gossip.

The average, daily life of a fisherman, who lives in his adobe residence with his wife and children. Dependent on the whims of the currents and ocean.


Balcony from room area to main floor - Hotel Casin, Casares, Nicaragua Central America


Or a set for a Humphrey Bogart movie – set on the beach, fishing boats out front, high ceilings with the rooms on the second floor. An ideal movie set for crooked drug traffickers and the honest guy who saves all the guests.  Or a remake of “Casablanca” set in Nicaragua!

Interior of Hotel Casino, Casrares, Nicaragua Central America

Interior of Hotel Casino, Casares, Nicaragua Central Ameirica

Patrice Glo, who owns the Hotel Casino, also has other business interest. He has a website called Buy My Boutique Hotel located here. Like most expats, he think country is a great place to live, and has developments that he is working on, and land available for sale.

As for what I have done?

Worked on the computer. What else does a guy who is trying to perpetually travel, do?


Dining area Hotel Casino, Casares, Nicaragua Central America

Dining area

I have entered a new realm of existence on the planet. Writing,  websites that publish articles and then try to sell those articles, picture sites for uploading your photo’s to sell to publishers. There is also SEO for blogs, affiliate advertising, online magazines that give you a cut of the revenue, stores that you can attach to your websites. All small income type stuff that adds up if you get lots and lots of traffic.


Bedroom at Hotel Casino

Alas, I am coming into this new realm with limited knowledge.  I do not know any of this stuff. I have to take a break for seeing the sites once in a while and figure out all this stuff.

Though things have improved in the 6 months I’ve traveled. I actually got paid some money from I am actually beginning to view myself as a writer. ( A big step for me!) You can see and read the articles I have posted on here.

I am taking better pictures, and have found for a place to upload my pictures. Unlimited free storage. Only drawback is that the pictures need uploading in JPEG. I can live with that!

Hotel Casino in Casares, Nicaragua is a great place to relax and learn. Writing helps too!

We had a tsunami alert, which I wrote about, and got a good amount of reads. The funny thing is, I am getting most of my hits on from China and South Korea.

For now, I work. When I get frustrated or need a break, a walk on the beach, or a view from the balcony is a good relaxing thing to do.

There is a fellow who sells fruit outside the hotel, and I look right into his shop/home. When you look at the picture, you will see a hammock behind him. This is where the guy sleeps at night. During the day, he runs the fruit store.

Fuit guy

Fruit vendor

All in all, my life is pretty darn good!

Cheers for now.

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  1. beastie says:

    Hey John,
    While you are moseying around try and get an idea of real estate pricing everywhere you go. I know in these places there are two prices for everything though. One local and the other outsider. If nothing else the mere mention of real estate pricing will get you some hits.
    Sorry about your Mom.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, beastie, for the advice about real estate. You are probably right and a few extra hits would not hurt.
    Thanks for your condolences about my Mom.
    Hope you are having a good year wit the move up in gold and silver!
    John D. Wilson

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