An update on the status of The Big Mozey equipment

Well, shut my mouth and slap me across the face!

I have accomplished a few things here in San José, Costa Rica that I have tried to get done for months.

In Honduras the fan, for the Macbook Pro that I have, stopped working.

Looked around, when I hit cities, to find someone to look at it and repair if needed. Tegucigalpa,  Managua and finally San José. In Alajuela, a suburb of San José, I’m introduced to Vernon Nunez, the owner of a computer store here in town.

The only website I have for the guy is the website that offers a restaurant and hotel software program for sale.

Someone wants something repaired, or to buy an item for their laptop – it does them no good. I have emailed him twice and have received no response. ( Type this sucker in – – simple web address, eh? LOL – Ya gotta love it! That is the only way I know how to contact the guy.)

I will give him kudos though – he cleaned and fixed the fan in my computer in less than 5 hours at a cost of $40. Exellente!

Next on the agenda was to get a lens cover cap, if anyone, under God’s green earth, ran a photography store in San José.

The owner of the hotel I am staying at, Villa El Cenizaro – Guiddo (really, that’s his name) was going into San José to visit his sister.

I figured a free ride in and out, give me a chance to walk around this big town, check and see if it has a camera store. Sure enough, Guiddo was more than happy to give me a lift.

I got dropped off at the main square and told I had about 6 hours to spend before I got picked up again to head back to the hotel. I could not have asked for anything better!

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Walked and walked. I find a love doing that – it just gives me a feel for the people, the area and the country. I really do not do anything in particular – just walk, look at shops and prices. Watch people, the way they interact with each other. Seems to give me a feel for what is going on – I really do not know a better way of getting to know a town.

I am doing this thing that I do and I am walking down this street – lo and behold – a camera store! Hot Damn!

He’s got zoom lenses, different digital cameras – a real camera store! (Nope, no website for this camera store)

Alas, anything Olympus? Nope – everything but Olympus. I did get a lens filter, which at least protects the main lens of the camera.

He then refers me to a store named Dima, which also had all sorts of equipment – for everything but Olympus. (Nope, no website for Dima) Well, they did have a lens cover cap, which I bought. Great!

So, good beginning in visit to San José – computer cleaned repaired.

Lens cover and UV filter for camera.

I feel a little more content, now that I have these tow minor problems resolved.

It’s taking care of the small things along this journey that make it pleasant!

Cheers for now!


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  1. Silverboom says:

    Oh, nuts. If I had known you were going to a camera store would have recommended picking up a circular polarizer filter. Oooopsa!

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