America – love it or leave it. How things have changed

In the 60’s and 70’s, “America – love it or leave it” was a favorite of the right-wing group – Nixon and Reagan cronies.

Now in the year 2011, they make leaving a  bit more difficult – because the US Government does not want Americans to leave. If that happens, the Government looses its tax base, and people open up businesses outside the USA.

The US Government has also gone as far as passing currency control laws that go into effect in 2012. If you send money outside the USA, and it is not to one of the “snitching banks” that the government has in control, you’re taxed by the IRS at a 30% rate.

Yes, I know, it is your money and you’ve already paid taxes on it. But hey, we’re talking the US Government – one of the most powerful entities in the world – they do as they wish, without concern for their citizens. What can I say?

So now we have this rag tag “Occupy Wall Street” organization trying to move the powers that be. Clubbing, sleeping out in the park, and demonstrations. I do not know about you, but not my cup of tea.

The Tea Party is another group. Quickly sold out by the people they elected.

This “America – love or leave it”  – I like the leave it part. Leave, do not take part anymore and let the socialist, corrupt officials we have feed upon the sheep that stay behind.

Are there really that many people who are making plans or have actually moved outside the USA?

Lets see what kind of publications we got going on Amazon.

There are a total of 124 books with expats in the title. For a further look, visit my store here.

There are also magazines that specifically cater to the idea of moving overseas.

Expatriate Living deals with everything that’s involved in moving overseas. The magazine has articles about picking the place to move to, how to handle the moving of your furniture, etc. Quite a unique magazine with a great niche.

The Escape Artist is another magazine that is chock full of information about moving overseas. The magazine also covers how to protect your assets, forums to talk to real ex-pats in the countries that your thinking about moving too, and many other sections.

There are online magazines that deal with moving to Europe, Asia, South America – any place in the world that you can think of, there is probably an online magazine that deals with it.

The most important question is how to make money overseas. Normal businesses, well, they’re normally set up by ex-pats. Hotels, restaurants, hardware stores, and grocery stores to name a few of the types of businesses that I have seen being operated by ex-pats.

There are also many websites that explain how to make money “location independently”. These mostly have to do with online blogs.

There is rtwdave’s (rtw – round the world) “Travel Blog Success“.

Dave’s Travel Corner does not specifically discuss making money online. He’s got a reference section on how to sell photographs online, teaching overseas, house sitting, volunteering and many other unique ideas that make the cost of traveling minimal.

MatadorU is a school that teaches writing techniques and photography. Their focus is doing the writing and photography while on the road traveling. They also have a list of 25 “unusual” ways to make a living while on the road

Zipsetgo travel blog has real jobs that travelers have done while on the road. Their list is here.

I follow two “newsletters” that emphasize getting assets and maybe yourself out of the western world-IE Europe, USA and Japan. These are “The Sovereign Man” and “The Resilient Family“.

If you do nothing else, subscribe to these free email newsletters. They will make you think, give you ideas that will help you, even if you decide not to move or travel. Maybe one news letter will say something to create a spark that you’ve never had before!

I think this is why you do not here the phrase, “America – Love it or Leave it!” There are just too many people doing just that, and finding a better way of life!

What are your fears about leaving your country and traveling?

Cheers for now?

About John Wilson

Traveler, writer and photographer. No home now, just traveling the world in search of the lost chord.
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3 Responses to America – love it or leave it. How things have changed

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  2. Are you kidding me?! Just when I think I’ve found a way, here comes another obstacle.
    Thank you for all the cool links – I’m definitely going to check them out, because once a traveler, always a traveler!

  3. John Wilson says:

    Hi Kellie,
    LOL – don’t think of these things as negative – think of them as positive motivation do do what you love!
    “Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”
    Arnold Bennett
    Wonderful that you took the time to read the post and leave a comment.
    It is greatly appreciated, Kellie.
    Play nice and travel safely.
    John D. Wilson

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