Am I really serious about making money on this blog?

I have been thinking – which is always dangerous for me to do, but I am a wild and crazy guy, and do it anyways!

Am I really serious about wanting to make a living on the internet, while traveling?

Here I am, posting on twitter, I have 2 websites – The Big Mozey and NASSIAUS, posting on Facebook, using Hootsuite and a member of Travel Blog Exchange. It appears I want to do this, with enough things going on to actually get traffic to my blogs.

My thoughts are, “Oh, really? So what is the game plan – and don’t tell me, show me!” (Yupper, I am that hard on myself)

I started using MindMeister, again, this morning.

I do not know why I have to go back to these basic things – why do I leave them in the first place?

It is a mapping software to layout on a page, what I am actually trying to accomplish.

So, the simple part of this is numbers – how many followers do I want on Twitter and Facebook – those seem to be the sites that everyone touts.

This got me to thinking. Right now, I do not have much success on Facebook – maybe my approach is wrong, but my numbers do not seem to be growing like they are on Twitter.

My brother does not seem too thrilled about Facebook either, so maybe that influences my view point.

Where would I go to get professional people to read my blog? Well, the logical place is LinkedIn. That’s where the professionals hang out. If I’m not having much success on Facebook, why not go there?

Before I head there in this discussion, lets recap. I’ve done two blogs on this “social media marketing”.

First one was here: Traveling and making a living

Second one was here: Travel and social media marketing

The gig was to start venturing into this – I am a rookie at this stuff – talk down to me please, because I understand very little about this internet stuff!

There are basics, though, that really need to be taken care of before proceeding.

If I am serious about this – I need to own my domain name, and operate my site as a professional. As little as I know, I can still set up a website – wordpress, eblog – are the easiest. I need to own my websites name, and be responsible for it’s total content.

The reason I say this, is I have an offer for a free listing of anyone’s travel website on my blog. There are people who are trying to do this with free websites. Not a bad idea if you are just testing the waters to see how easy/hard this is.

I figure, if you are reading this, that has already been decided – you now know that you want to operate a website and you are going to monetize that site. Make it your own!

Operating a free website has limitations of what you can do. You do not want to be limited!

You also want to tell the world that you are a big boy/girl and are serious about running a business. Yupper, that is what your website is – it is a business!

Lets get back to LinkedIn. This is where professionals are going to hang out – the people that you want to sponsor you, to have you do a review of their products or properties and those that would make a decision to place an ad on your website.

Are you a member there?

If not, why not?

Do you not consider yourself a professional?

Do you not want to associate with other professionals?

This is where business networking is done. Not friends, not acquaintances, but business to business people – the shakers and movers of companies. You want to associate with these people!

I even went as far as setting up a group to make it easy for you to start connecting on LinkedIn. The site is located here – The Big Mozey Traveler’s Group.

To summarize – plan with MindMeister, own your website’s name and hosting, tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, utilize Hootsuite to optimize your time, join LinkedIn because you are a professional!

Of course, I would like to have you join my group “The Big Mozey Traveler’s Group”, but that is at your discretion.

I hope this helps in your success as a blogger and writer.

Cheers for now!


About John Wilson

Traveler, writer and photographer. No home now, just traveling the world in search of the lost chord.
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7 Responses to Am I really serious about making money on this blog?

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  2. Hmm, I’m on LinkedIn but I haven’t bothered to try to promote my website with it. I may have to make time to do that.

  3. John Wilson says:

    Funny how we see these things, but do not take advantage of what they have to offer?
    Join my group – The Big Mozey Traveler’s Group – anyone else who belongs, easy connection with a fellow traveler.
    Joining is free, no restrictions for posting.
    Hope you take the time to join up!
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out of your travels to leave a comment Scott.
    Be safe!
    John D. Wilson

  4. I started my blog almost 6 months ago and just followed the directions I found – joined twitter, put a facebook page, stumble upon etc- but I really had (and still don’t) no idea what they were or how to do it. So I’ve stumbled along, learning along the way. My facebook page is very neglected because I honestly don’t have the time to put into it! Not sure if LinkedIn is where I should be but until I can find the time to put into it, I don’t think I’ll go there.

    Thanks for making me think!

  5. Chuck Bartok says:

    Love the premise of this post.
    Suggestion, on you Hyperlinks be sure to use
    target=”_blank” so readers will be taken to new window and not lose your Blog!

  6. John Wilson says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for taking the time to red the post and leave a comment.
    These are my thoughts only – not trying to tell anyone what to do.
    All this is very time consuming – tough to do it all.
    Keep plugging along, and you’ll find what works for you.
    John D. Wilson

  7. John Wilson says:

    Thanks for the comment Chuck,
    Working on changing that hyperlink – appreciate your input.
    John D. Wilson

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