10 things I would do before moving to a different country.

A blog writers favorite item – a question sent in by a reader of his/her blog.

That is what blog writing is all about.

It is a pleasure to receive the questions, and even better to have some idea of how to answer!

A little insight to the “comment and question’ for the reader, to get a little understanding of what this post is about.

Instead of complaining about the state of affairs in the country we live, we have decided to take action!

We have chosen Costa Rica as a practical place to move to, and would like some information from The Big Mozey about:

An area to move to – we like the ocean.

Place to rent.

How can one investigate any of this from the USA?

Simple and uncomplicated, yet a sufficient amount of questions that will open doors, avenues, that will answer other questions that arise when investigating a move like this.

Here is how the Big Mozey would begin the game plan of a move to another country.

1) Pay attention to Craigslist for the country that you have chosen as a possible place to move to.

A) Craigslist list covers the world. Jobs, places to rent, things people are selling, discussion boards.


2) AirBnB is a site that posts available lodging, for as little as $10 per night, throughout the world. This will give you an idea of lodging costs in the country you are planning on moving to or investigating.

3) I would subscribe to Simon Blacks “Sovereign Man” He puts out a free newsletter about places he’s been and how he is investing in the area or what the investment scene is like.

Also voices his opinion on governments, politics, money, etc. Like most newsletters, there is a “premium” membership that’s pushed rather heavily, but if you can stand the sales pitch, his free newsletter is a good read.

He covers Asia, Eastern Europe, Central and South America.

4) Learn the language of the country that you are thinking about moving to.

A) This allows you to communicate with the locals and shows respect on your part for them

B) If you want to find good deals on anything, it is not from the blogs you see on the internet.

It’s from a friend of a friend – it is always about relationships, that will lead to good “deals”. So, you have to speak the local language to get those “deals”.

This is true especially on any land deals, but it is true when bargaining for food, cars, etc.

5) All countries of the world have some sort of expat blogs – there is an expat blog for Costa Rica

A) Sign up for the expat blog for the country that you’re interested in.

B) Participate in the forums – ask questions, get to know people.

6) Learn about the economy of the country that you plan on moving to.

A) Go to that countries home page – look into what the government has to say about business.

B) Look at the US State Department web page – They list a variety of subjects about different countries of the world.

7) Look up professional groups for the country – if you are a writer, see if they have a group for professional writers, tourism boards, sports organizations.

8) Read a bit about the politics of the country – a violent past, a relatively peaceful past?
Realize that past problems can quickly reignite.
Socialist tendencies? Are the laws of the country at the whim of the present leader. (think Venezuela or Bolivia here)

9) Contact a bank in the country and learn the banking and lending rules.

10) Get a lawyer that you can communicate with and trust.

I do not tink this covers everything.

If you are reading this, and say to yourself, “Self, The Big Mozey should have added……..”, please feel free to share that idea in a comment.

A fun post to write because it is the act of sharing that makes the world a more enjoyable place.

Cheers for now.

About John Wilson

Traveler, writer and photographer. No home now, just traveling the world in search of the lost chord.
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12 Responses to 10 things I would do before moving to a different country.

  1. Senaf says:

    Now this is a fun one!..I like the idea and you have given some good ideas for someone who is looking to move to another country. I never thought of Craigslist. That is a new one. I never looked beyond my selling stuff I could not use or even list garage sales. Good information and great blog!

  2. John Wilson says:

    Hi Stefan,
    Thought I would give it a try here in Costa Rica, and Craigslaist is how I have found the two hotels I have been staying in.
    Check out Airbnb – you mentioned you were traveling to New York. Just type “New York” into their search, and see what kind of deals they come up with. It is free to use.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the post.
    I do appreciate you leaving the comment.
    John D. Wilson
    aka – THe Big Mozey

  3. Great list. I didn’t know about Sovereign Man. I’ll have to check out his newsletter.

  4. John Wilson says:

    Thanks Stephanie,
    Sovereign Man gives a “reality” check to those that think “everything will be all right”.
    Thank you for the compliment on the list.
    John D. Wilson
    aka The Big Mozey

  5. Kelly says:

    I agree, expat blogs can be really helpful and you absolutely need to find out about banking laws! When I lived in New Zealand I used their version of Craigslist called TradeMe (trademe.co.nz). It was really helpful! The other thing to think about is getting tax id numbers and the like. Great tips!

  6. Grace says:

    I actually just discovered Airbnb and thinking of booking my next accommodations thru them. We will see how it goes!

  7. John Wilson says:

    Hello Grace,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    If you do use Airbnb, I would really love to hear how it worked out for you.
    Don’t be a stranger, do stop by again.
    Life is a journey, who’s joy is enhance when friends join the trip.
    John D. Wilson

  8. John Wilson says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my blog.
    I really do appreciate the positive comment on the post.
    Do not be a stranger, stop by again soon.
    Life is a journey, which is enjoyed much more when joined by friends
    John D. Wilson
    aka The Big Mozey

  9. Bangkok
    I made several trips to Southeast Asia, and Thailand before I decided to retire here. So, travel first. Then decide to move.
    Second: check out medical services and insurance coverage. Bangkok has excellent facilities.
    Third: Before actually moving to another country, I recommend an extended trip of several months. Be sure that you don’t “miss” anyone or anything back home.

  10. John Wilson says:

    Good advice Jan!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    I’m sure others will be grateful for the advice.
    Don’t be a stranger.
    Life is a journey, enhanced by the friends you meet along the way.
    John D. Wilson
    aka – The Big Mozey

  11. Great list, John!
    I didn’t know about Simon Black or airbnb — pays to read other people’s blog, right?
    Pretty cool,

  12. John Wilson says:

    Thanks Marcia,
    Yes it does pay to read others blogs.
    I have learned a lot from others, and continue to learn.
    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment – I truly appreciate it.
    John D. Wilson

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