A Gem in the Jungle – Aluxes Ecoparque, Mexico

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A “gem in the jungle” is exactly what the Aluxes Ecoparque (and wildlife rescue center) is. Located outside of Palenque, in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, it’s truly a treat to walk the grounds and to view the animals. My … Continue reading

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Granada, Nicaragua – 30 Days is Plenty

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Yupper, 30 days in Granada, Nicaragua is plenty of time for all there is to do in the city. One of the oldest towns in Central America, if not the oldest. It all revolves around a listing of the city … Continue reading

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The “Beast” – A Ford Explorer Sport 4×4 1998

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Yupper, the beast needed a wash. Probably had dirt on it left from Mexico. And I’m in Nicaragua! LOL Just got tired of the dirt and people made a habit of writing on it in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. It convinced … Continue reading

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El Bejuco Waterfalls, Pico Bonito National Park, La Ceiba, Honduras

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I like to drive around, see what’s close to the town I’m staying in. This is what I saw when I took a side street that follows the Cangrejal River that flows out of Pico Binito National Park. The photo is … Continue reading

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Bird’s Shot Along the Way – In Pictures

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I like birds. And depending on the area, you get different birds. So, I try and shoot some, now and then. Sometimes I get lucky, most often times I do not. Such are the hassles of photography. Every once in … Continue reading

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El Chepe Passenger Line, Copper Canyon, Mexico

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Here are some photos I took while on the passenger train from Creel, Mexico to El Fuerte, Mexico. The train then turns around in Los Mochas, and follows the same route back. (I had a car in Creel – could’t … Continue reading

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Time for Posting Photos! The Semuc Champey Pools

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Man, I got so many photos, good ones and bad ones. I’ll throw out the bad ones, unless I thinks  some greatly important info caught in the pic that would cause the world to stop if I didn’t show it. … Continue reading

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Mexico in 6 Months in a Ford Explorer 4×4 Sport

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Can’t believe I spent 6 months in Mexico – traveled slower than I ever had, and it WASN’T slow enough. After visiting my bro and sis-in-law in Congress, AZ. I headed down the west coast of Mexico. Reminded me a … Continue reading

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