Creel, Mexico – A Base for the Copper Canyon

Well, the month long stay in Creel, Mexico is coming to a close. Glad I decided to stay here for a month. Creel is a good place to use for a base to see the Copper Canyon. The sites I’ve … Continue reading

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Photos from the Copper Canyon

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Here are some photos I took while I moseyed through the Copper Canyon in Mexico. Remote, an indigenous tribe (Tarahumara), deep gorges (deeper than the Grand Canyon) and a marijuana producing area –  an interesting combination of items! Some panorama … Continue reading

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Chilling in Creel, Mexico – time to go through the pictures!

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Chilling in Creel, Mexico for about a month, so I thought I’d go through my pictures and get them out on the internet. Ones I like, not really pertaining to anything in particular. The Georgia Aquarium at night. Just thought … Continue reading

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Traveling slow – sometimes, not by choice.

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Well, I like this traveling slow stuff. Except when it’s not by my choice. Got held up at the border with an old permit on the Toyota I brought into Mexico 2010. It seems I missed the concept of canceling … Continue reading

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Poncho Villa and Parral, Mexico

Visited Parral, Mexico. Didn’t know it was the city in which Poncho Villa was assassinated! It’s really kind of a Mexican tourist town right now. It might have been different before the drugs lords went on a rampage, with the … Continue reading

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On the Road Again! | Carlsbad Caverns

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Well, shut my mouth and slap me across the face! On the road again – currently in Parral. Mexico! So far, it’s been a bit of a challenge. But, no particular place to go and plenty of time to get … Continue reading

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Latest Honduran headlines – cocaine hub for Central America

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Sometimes I just have to wonder if anybody actually investigates anything anymore – Honduras becomes hub for cocaine in Central America. Have they ever looked at a map of Central America? You can read the article about Honduras here. Lets … Continue reading

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Guest post from Vino Vagabonds – a unique niche travel blog

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This is a guest post from Vino Vagabonds. The website is run by Brittany and Jeff who are traveling the world visiting the regions and vineyards that produce the wines they love. A unique niche travel blog that is interesting and … Continue reading

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